Question for Candidates - Member Retention via Aesthetic?

Posted March 14, 2021, 8:11 p.m. by Captain Nathan Miller (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Nathan Miller)

Posted by Callie L in Question for Candidates - Member Retention via Aesthetic?
This is a question for both tickets.

I’ve been in STF for four months now and there are some points/questions that I would like to raise regarding how STF appears to new members and what your thoughts are surrounding the aesthetic of the club and how daunting the website is at first. This is relevant, at least to me, because I struggled somewhat when I first joined and my initial anxiety nearly prompted me to simply not post and disappear into the void. Thankfully that didn’t happen!

So! My questions:

1) Discord: It’s quite confusing and daunting to new people when they first join, they don’t know who to talk to or how to get roles and sometimes some people, like myself, end up in a position of having to build up the confidence to ask someone for roles after a few days.

Do you have any plans to make the discord more user friendly?
Also do you believe that this will improve new member retention?

2) Website & Courses: At first the site can be confusing to navigate for new members, there’s a lot of old (but useful!) threads on there relating to the courses which inform people on how to write and give information to help them develop their character. Could this be made easier for new members? Could it also help graduating cadets be more confident moving on from the academy ship?

Do you have any thoughts on how you could make the academy courses more accessible than they already are? Like a wiki or something similar?
Are there any thoughts on updating these with anything new that might help retain new members and catch their attention?
Would you add any information in for graduating cadets and how they should progress from there?

I know there are other threads that delve into this more so I’ll stop the interrogation questions there!
Also I’m still relatively new here, apologies if I’ve touched any topics I shouldn’t have.

Thank you for your time in advance,
Callie L.

Hi Callie!

First of all, I love to see you already getting involved in the club by asking this question. Second, it’s a really great question, and thankfully, one we’ve already been working on.

Let’s start with Discord: Daniel (as Personnel Director) has started personally greeting each new member that joins Discord. He introduces them to their CO and for cadets also introduces them to their department head/mentor. This way, they have a point of contact right from the start they can ask those kinds of questions. We also have our new member mentors and the Challenger department heads available in #challenger and #new-member for just these types of questions.

You are not wrong about the website and courses; part of this is that we are still sort of in a transition from one software platform to another. One of the projects that is ongoing in the Academy right now is work on the courses and their presentation. There are new courses being worked on specifically targeting the things we want brand new members to know! They are working on templates for character bios for new members, lots of great stuff that I think ties directly into your question. Following the current Academy work, if there’s time this term we may look into supplementing the (updated) Player’s Handbook with some visual slides or tutorial videos.

One of the projects Daniel and I hope to accomplish next term is to have the revamp of the Library completed, which will make finding some of the information on the website much easier, especially with a index and/or FAQ to help find the right information.. We also hope that we may be able to squeeze in a redesign of the front page during the next term, which may be able to help with some of the navigation issues.

We’re always looking for input from new members like you so again I’m so glad to see you participating here - please continue to make your voice heard by reading and posting in Command as well!

Daniel and Nathan: -.. .- -. .. . .-.. .- -. -.. -. .- - .... .- -.

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