Question for the candidates - Discussing Picard events

Posted March 15, 2021, 6:22 p.m. by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Presidential Candidate) (Matt Evans)

Posted by Fleet Captain David Eads (Vice Presidential Candidate) in Question for the candidates - Discussing Picard events

Posted by Robert Archer in Question for the candidates - Discussing Picard events
This question is pretty straight forward, but for the events of picard in the 2380s what are your thoughts in the coming term to discuss integrating them into the club properly?

Robert Archer

Hi Rob,

Personally, I could take it or leave it.

Professionally, I think the fact that Picard and discovery are behind a paywall means that we aren’t bound by history to make either of them cannon for the club, since we’ve had a variety of members who opted not to pay for watching them.

It’s definitely something that needs discussing, and perhaps a poll is in order to gage interest in adopting aspects of the history that were effectively retconned for our time line.

I’m not currently aware of Matt’s personal opinion, but I suspect we agree on the discussion plan.

Thank you for the question,
-Dave Eads

I echo Dave’s sentiments regarding the restricted nature of CBS All Access, now Paramount+, and I don’t think we can reasonably expect everyone to know the canon changes behind the events in Picard, Discovery, or Lower Decks. That’s why the new-ish shows are still in a spoiler area on the discord. I’m interested in hearing everyone’s opinion on it and probably go with the majority though. Personally I’m not for or against the inclusion except with my, and Dave’s, concerns listed above.


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