Question for the candidates - CO and XO replacement timelines.

Posted July 13, 2020, 10:55 p.m. by Captain James Sinclair (Vice Presidental Candidate) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Joe P in Question for the candidates - CO and XO replacement timelines.

Posted by Joe P in Question for the candidates - CO and XO replacement timelines.

Posted by Captain James Sinclair (Vice Presidental Candidate) in Question for the candidates - CO and XO replacement timelines.
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Morning (or evening) everyone. I think this can safely go to the Pres and VP of both ballots.

I noticed most recently with the Dresden and now with the Memorial, we are seeing an uptick in the rotations of COs and XOs. My concern is how long it’s taking these spots to be filled.

I understand X amount of time is needed to accept apps, X amount of time is needed to review and choose, and X amount of time is needed to get the edict actually ‘done’. But there seems to be no standard on what those Xs represent. Would you see a need or want to making it more consistent, or not? And why is that your answer?

Meli the Mobstress

Excellent question.

CO vacancies are something both Jerome and I feel should be of utmost priority when they open up. A ship is left up in the air a bit when a CO leaves, so getting a qualified and effective person in that role should take precedence. That being said…

It is very hard to put a definitive timeframes on placing a CO when a spot opens up. The timeframe isnt really up to the Executives. CO placements are handled by the FComm and AFComm of the respective fleet. They are the ones responsible for posting vacancies, setting timeframes for applications, then reviewing and selecting from those. The Executive role in this is to discuss the final selection with the FComm, work out any concerns, and write the edict for the posting. That being said, once a choice is made by the FComm and it is submitted to the Excecutives, Jerome and I think that no more than 48 hours at the absolute most should pass before the edict is up. The only time we would interject ourselves prior to that would be if the selection process stalled or the FComm requested help.

XO selection is much easier from the Executive side, as they dont require and edict or anything. Those postings are handled by the CO and FComm. The Executive role here is simply one of discussion and communication; a sounding board for the FComm or CO if they need it. So again… the timeframe is up to the Fleet, not the Executives. Our role is one of assistance, not mandate.



A follow up if I may. Why do you believe that this is not the purview of the “executive?” The rules say the exact opposite:

The CO of a RPG Ship serves as the ship’s Administrator and In-Character commanding officer. A CO is appointed by Presidential Edict, with the advice and consent of the Fleet Commander.

The way that I read that, and the way it has been traditionally read, is that the President actually makes the decision. You seem to not agree. Why?

Just for the sake of clarity, this “advice and consent” type language also exists in the US Constitution, which it was probably cribbed off of. When the President of the United states appoints Supreme Court justices, nobody says or thinks that the Senate gets to make whatever decision it wants and the President just has to sign it in 48 hours or less. So, that’s why I find it really weird that it somehow developed this other meaning here with several people.

Further, how exactly is it legitimate for anyone other than the President to make these decisions? This is a club that votes for Presidents; it doesn’t vote for Fleet Commanders. Why should the opinion of an un-elected person be taken as more legitimate than someone who the entire club votes for?


A small expansion for additional context.



I read ‘consent’ as the operative term here. The FComm advises based on applications, and must consent to the appointment. That puts the impetus on the FComm, not the Executive.

In my personal experience with CO selection engagements, the process has worked exactly the way I described it to Melissa. If those instances were not the standard, I have no other basis to go off of as the times I have been involved or observed have worked exactly like that. Add to that that the FComms deal with their individual fleets much more closely and regularly, and their understanding of what those ships need in terms of a CO is much more in depth than the macro view from outside the day to day Fleet operations.

So my view stands that the Exceutives take their cue for CO selection from the FComms. If the Executives feel the FComm selection isnt correct, then a serious and immediate discussion needs to be had. But in the end, the FComm has to consent to the appointment. Without their consent, the placement doesnt happen.

Hope that clarifies my take on the process.


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