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Posted July 14, 2020, 12:16 p.m. by Commodore Calé Reilly (Election Coodinator) (Calé Reilly)

As per the election timetable, endorsements of candidates will be allowed on the election ship when primary voting opens from 12 noon EST on the 18th of July.

The following gives you some information regarding endorsements.


1) Generally, all members are invited to participate in the election process. (For the purpose of this, the definition of ‘member’ is the same as found in Member Order and Organization.)

2) To endorse and vote Certain members bust meet the eligibility criteria as defined in LEGOE as “a person who meets the definition of ‘member’ 30 days prior to the start of the Election Season, and continues to meet the definition up to and including the time of the election activity in question.”

3) If you are not eligible and make an endorsement it will not be counted.

Where can you endorse?

1) Endorsements may take place on the Election Area only.
2) Any MOTD announcements implying support for or voicing opinions against any specific ticket are expressly forbidden.
3)MOTD announcements of upcoming Election Season events and timetables are permissible provided that they do not contain support for any ticket.
4) You are not permitted to endorse candidates in discord. Discussion in the #star-fleet Discord channel is permissible as long as it does not imply support for or against a specific Candidate. (Example: “Have you read the election ship lately?” or “It sure is an interesting election” are permissible. However, “I can’t believe Candidate X said that” or “Candidate Y sure had some good answers today” or, “I think it’s clear who’s winning” are not permissible).

  • Violations of these rules will result in sanctions from the Election Coordinator, and immediate removal of the announcement.

Endorsements themselves

1)Ensure your endorsement is in support for the ticket you are endorsing, NOT a piece against the other ticket.
2) No person may post an endorsement message that implies it is also on behalf of anyone who is not the person posting the message.
3) Ensure correct topic heading is used “ Endorsement (You may include the tickets name with your endorsement)”

Where can candidates get endorsements?

1) Any eligible member may decide to post an endorsement expressing their backing of a ticket without prompting.
2) Candidates may also individually contact people to discuss the Election and to ask for their support in this manner.
- In the event that the person contacted does not wish to talk about the Election, the Candidate must refrain from discussing it with them further.
- If they are on the do not contact list at no point should any candidate contact the person. Nor should anyone contact them on behalf of the tickets. ALL members must adhere to this list
3) At no time may any unsolicited campaign material be sent to more than one person at a time.
4) Use of the BCC field in any election-related email is prohibited.

-Any violation of these rules will be investigated by the Election Coordinator.
-If it is found that a Member (Candidate or otherwise) did violate the campaigning rules, appropriate penalties will be given, regardless of the location of the violation.
-Be aware that tickets may be held liable for actions of their supporters if it can be shown that the ticket was aware of the offending activity.

Now the fun part

Now that we know the rules and regulations side of things…this year Silke and I are going to try and make the endorsements a little more interesting. So we are going to make the endorsements take the form of:

  • A Poem,
  • A haiku,
  • A limerick,
  • Song lyrics,
  • A sonnet
  • An epic
  • A ballad
  • Any other imaginative thing you can think of (check with us first if you aren’t sure)

The best endorsements will get a special mention at the change over ceremony and the author will receive a much coveted clever cookie award.

Normal endorsements are still allowed should you choose not to participate in the selection above.

Calé Reilly
Election Coordinator

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