Gamemaster Director
 Commander Sam Pennington
Assistant Gamemaster Director
Commodore Geoff Joosten
Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes

Want to GM?
To become a GM, you must:
  • Take the GM Course and pass the included exam.
  • Be a member of STF for at least six months
  • Obtain three recommendations from licensed GMs, whom you've served with for at least one month in the past three months. In the event that three licensed GMs aren't available, you may substitute a CO or an XO recommendation (with GMDir's okay).
  • Undertake and pass a GM Training Sim (GMT)
If you need any help or advice during the GM process, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help!
The Amanda Noon Archive is STF's ongoing, albeit incomplete, archive of sims in Star-Fleet. You can use the archive to:
  • Submit mandatory sim reports, as well as, GMT and GMM recommendations and GMT reviews.
  • (Email these to the GMD for now)
  • See what ship(s) or starbase(s) a GM has previously worked on and what stories they have told
  • See what aliens were encountered by whom or what adventures different ships and starbases have, previously, been involved in.
N.B. All entries to the archive must comply with GMD Mandate #16.

21 Feb- New GM Course & Exam. See the 'Want to GM?' box above for temp link.
13 Feb- Updated GMM Mentors guidelines passed and posted.
12 Feb- Christopher Bennett passes first GMT Eval.
18 Nov- Important PSAs for ALL GMs and FComms/COs/XOs.
11 Jan- Ian Kerby completes GMT and is promoted to Junior Gamemaster!
21 Aug- Russell Watt's Avisarites passed into the Reference Manual.
01 Jul- Archive submission form is broken. Read this before submitting info.
Vacancies & Gamemasters
  • USS Viking

Licensed Gamemasters
You can find the list of GMs HERE but note that only Junior GM and higher hold a license. This list aims to be as up to date as possible, but there occasionally be a person missing from the active list or there who are no longer active.

Reference Manual
The Reference Manual and Star Chart are Star-Fleet's repository of information on known planets, species and powers one might encounter while in Star-Fleet. To add an entry, please follow the Submission Guidelines.
Name Type Creator Draft Review Start Review End

GM Assist Links
Excellent sites to give a hand with any technical questions for your sims.
GM Education
Gamemaster Mentors
  • Lindsay Bayes
  • Gene Gibbs
  • Tyra Schroll
  • Geoff Joosten

  • To become a GMM, please check out these Guidelines

    Gamemaster Training
    Gamemaster Trainees
    GMT GMM Ship Review Period Overall Status
    James Sinclair Lindsay Bayes USS Dresden Second Middle

    Prospective Gamemasters
    Name GM Exam Recommendations Status

    Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
    Commander Sam Pennington Gamemaster Director/ Junior Gamemaster Unknown Sam Pennington
    Commodore Geoff Joosten Assistant Gamemaster Director / Senior Gamemaster Wombat Geoff Joosten
    Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes Archivist/ Senior Gamemaster Variable Lindsay Bayes

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