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Posted July 1, 2018, 9:07 a.m. by Rear Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director/Senior Gamemaster) (Lindsay Bayes)

If you’ve recently tried to submit info the the Archive using the form, you’ll have noticed that it takes you to an error page. The gist of it is that the form was tied to Drupal, so on Exodus, it no longer works. It cannot be fixed.

So we need a new form. But it’s not that simple.

Joe and I have talked here and there over the last months/years during the site development about the Archive. It was always going to be a project to convert the Archive and bring it into the new system. It’s not a small project.

This form issue has brought the priority of the project up a few notches, because we can’t just put up a new form without knowing what the new Archive will look and function like. In short, we need to plan this very carefully.

Joe and I talked yesterday and we walked through the possibilities of the new design and what the GMD and the club needs the Archive to be. I’m seriously excited for the new Archive! But it will take some time, especially since there are some other priorities as Joe had mentioned in his Command post.

We’re still not sure whether a form can be created first and integrated later, or whether the GMD will create an external and temporary form. Once we know more about all of that, I’ll update everyone.

For now, please email the GMD at with any Archive submissions. Please DO NOT email me or Tyra directly for submissions, because Christopher is our Archivist. We want to keep track of the submissions coming in but he’s the one who enters them.

Thank you all for your patience while we find workarounds for this issue.


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