PSA from the GMD: All GMs Please Read

Posted Nov. 18, 2018, 5:40 p.m. by Fleet Captain Geoff Joosten (Assistant GMDir/ Full Gamemaster) (Geoff Joosten)

For those who might not be aware, and for those that might need a reminder, here are some important things we need all Gamemasters (regardless of rank/current status) to know:

1) Archive submissions:

a) Please remember to fill a start of mission form at the beginning of every mission at:

Until we have our new archive, please email with the following info:

Your name
Sim Title
Sim Start Date
Mission Type (Normal, CO/GM, GMT etc)
GMM Name (if a GMT sim)

This sounds like an obvious thing to do, but doing this ASAP after you’ve started the sim saves us from having to chase up mission starts. It only takes a few moments to fill in all the bits, most of which you can copy/paste off the roster of your ship.

Similarly, the end of mission one is just as important. Email us at with:

Your Name
Sim Name (should match the one in the Mission Start record)
Sim End Date
Detailed Sim Summary

Keep in mind that people who were not a part of that sim are going to read these, perhaps much later down the road. Please provide as much detail as you can now so that you don’t have to scratch your brains to remember the plots in the future.

Archive submissions are not optional, and every GM is required to fill them out. Over the last year amazing volunteers have helped make sure the archive was as complete as possible; we’d really appreciate it if we were all able to do our part keeping it current.

b) Archive Entries

With a few exceptions, the Archive should be complete and up to date as of the switch to the new site. If you have not submitted sim info since then (and are actively GMing), or notice that your records are not up to date, let us know and we’ll look into it.
About 100 hours went into completing the Sim Excavation Project, so please help us fill in any gaps and make sure that going forward all records are complete.

2) Vacancies:

We do our best to keep the list of vacancies up to date. If you take on a new ship, please announce it in the GMD so we can remove that vacancy ASAP.

As a reminder, OGRE states explicitly that all GM appointments must be approved by the FComm prior to mission start. If you and the CO are chatting about you coming on board, include the FComm so that everyone is in the loop and there are no unpleasant surprises. The FComm has the right to veto a GM appointment, so be courteous and keep them informed.

IMPORTANT: All GMs to check with with the GMD if they are going to be taking on MORE THAN TWO ships. Beyond two ships, you will need additional GMD approval for the following reasons:

  • We want an even a spread of GMs across the club so no one GM is carrying us. We’ve been in situations where a GM will take on several ships and resign or go AWOL. This leaves the GMD scrambling to find many replacements on short notice; as a result we want to reduce the risk of this happening.

  • We have one of the most consistently active GMT programs the club has seen in years. We regularly have 2-4 GMTs on the go. However, we have on multiple occasions, been stuck on finding a suitable placement because vacancies were scooped up so quickly.

Disclaimer: Though X-Fleet does not count towards GM rank/sim count and we don’t archive those sims, we MAY take into consideration X-Fleet GMing if a licensed GM is requesting to GM more than two ships elsewhere in the club. X-Fleet may not affect mainfleet ships in other ways, but they potentially create situations where licensed GMs are either unavailable for mainfleet ships, or are taking on too much.

3) Your Rank:

Please can you let us know if your rank is incorrect (which is based on the records of sims completed and the positive reviews from the ships you have served on. Sims that were incomplete due to AWOL/bad performance will not be counted towards your sim count/cumulative GMing time.).


We want to make sure the MOTD is a solid resource and useful to all. If you have suggestions on how we can make it more user friendly, please comment here, or send us an email.

5) Encouraging GMing:

The best advice and encouragement to GM comes from… GMs themselves. If in your simming you come across a player who is not a GM and you think ‘wow, they’d be great’, email us! We’ll approach them about the GMT program. You can also encourage them to take the GM exam because that is their first stop anyway.

Also, GMT recommendations are predominantly from GMs. Only if the player does not serve with enough qualified GMs will we accept CO and XO recommendations. These submissions are vital and if you think they would make a GM, please make it a priority to fill out the form asap. It only takes a couple of minutes. Remember, people took the time to recommend you so you could go on to be a GM, so kindly return the favour. If you are not sure how to fill the recommendations out, or the time requirements around them, just ask.

6) Special Circumstances Missions:

If you are a GM about to embark on a special circumstance mission as per OGRE, you MUST have prior written approval by the GMD. This includes licensed GMs who are the CO and they are going to GM their own ship. Short interludes one month and under are fine as they won’t count for the Archive, but anything else must be approved and documented. No exceptions!

And finally: “Remember, I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.”

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