GMD Mandate #18 (Final)- Gamemaster Mentors

Posted Feb. 13, 2019, 7:29 a.m. by Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director/Senior Gamemaster) (Lindsay Bayes)

Mandate 18:


This mandate supersedes Mandate #13.


Per OGRE version 1.7 (Rouse-Deane-2 #7), a prospective Gamemaster Mentor must hold a classification of at least Full Gamemaster. The Gamemaster Department requires that all Gamemaster Mentors register with the Department as potential GMMs prior to taking a GMM position.

In order to register as a GMM, a Gamemaster must first meet the criteria specified in OGRE. They must also provide the Gamemaster Department with three recommendations, meeting the following criteria:

*One recommendation from the Commanding Officer of a ship where the applicant has served as Gamemaster for at least one month out of the past three months.

*One recommendation from a licensed Gamemaster with whom the applicant has served with for at least one month out of the past three months.

*One recommendation from a licensed Gamemaster, whose mission the applicant has participated in for at least one month out of the past three months.

These requirements are understood to be minimum requirements. The Gamemaster Department is authorized to conduct additional inquiries regarding an applicant, including, but not limited to, getting additional information from an applicant’s COs, XOs, GMs, and other colleagues. The Gamemaster Department may decline an application that meets the minimum requirements with stated cause.

No individual who submits a recommendation for an applicant may make the final determination regarding the applicant’s acceptance. The responsible party should take reasonable efforts to avoid submitting a recommendation for any applicant unless no other recommender can be found. In that case, acceptance authority falls to the Gamemaster Director (if not already the deciding authority), then the Assistant Gamemaster Director, then any other department personnel in the order of their appointment.

A member who is denied registration as a Gamemaster Mentor may reapply after 60 days, but must provide a fresh application with complete recommendations.

Any exception to the recommendation requirement will be handled by the Gamemaster Director on a case by case basis. All recommendations must be provided through the Gamemaster Archive submission forms, or other means as directed.

Once registered, a GMM remains registered indefinitely unless cause is given to remove him, as determined by the Gamemaster Director.

Per OGRE version 1.7 (Rouse-Deane-2 #7), a registered Gamemaster Mentor must have GMed a ship within the past 30 days of the start of a mentored training mission.

Gamemaster Mentors are the backbone of a strong Gamemaster training program. In order to ensure that all trainees entering the program receive a high quality Mentor, the Gamemaster Department has additional guidelines above and beyond the qualification requirements in Section 2:

Regular and timely communication via email or chat between the GMM and the GMT, the details of which can be provided to the GMD at the request of the GMDir or AGMDir acting on the director’s behalf, at least once every 2 weeks during the initial 90 day review period. After the first review is passed, communication should occur at least once a month until sim completion.
Have a complete and up to date sim outline for backup use, regardless of GMTs personal GMing style and/or the COs non-requirement for details. * Respond in a timely manner to GMD inquiry and review emails. Timely is considered to be within the AWOL limits for the ship you are the GMM on unless you are on an LOA.
*Complete GMT reviews thoroughly, within two weeks of the GMD sending them out, unless there are special circumstances to which the GMD is aware of and accepts.

Reviews are done through a comprehensive evaluation form and GMMs are expected to fill out any comment sections with knowledgeable remarks geared towards making the GMT a better GM.

Failure to be present and engaged with a GMT and/or failure to fully complete the required reviews may result in the removal of the GMM from the GMT Program. Reinstatement will require requalification as per Section 2 of this Mandate. If a GMM is removed during a training sim, they will be replaced as per OGRE.

The Gamemaster Department shall maintain a list of Gamemaster Mentors. This list will be made publicly available.

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