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Posted March 28, 2019, 4:08 p.m. by Robert Archer

Posted by Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director/Senior Gamemaster) in RM Submission- Flea’tan Power V.2

Posted by Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director/Senior Gamemaster) in RM Submission- Flea’tan Power V.2
The following is the updated Power submission for Rob Archer’s Fleat’ans. There are only small changes, so review is for only those sections and will be open for a week until Feb. 28th.

~Linds, GMDir

Changelog From Approved V1 to Draft 1 of V2:

Updated history of major events to coincide with stf timeline as of sim year of 2393 from in game sim events
Updated opening paragraph colony count from 20 to 22
Fixed a few instances of Flea’tara being called Fleatara within the whole document
Made a note of the previous queen Ana’del establishing Expansion Department 7 in 2320 prior to Queen Del’eck’s reign beginning in 2350
Made a small change from ‘…Flea’tan Queen’ to Queen Del’eck in the 2374 entry
Did a similar change to the above in the 2386 entry
Edited the 2387 entry to include ‘the intergalatic alien forces known as’
Also change ‘current Queen’ to Queen Del’eck like before for consistency
Changed the last sentence of the 2387 entry to reveal that the Europa/Dresden survived though the NX-Memorial was lost with all hands.

Approved: [Old Link Removed] - Aug 9th 2013
Date: 06/25/13
Author: Robert Archer
Type: Power
Government: Matriarchal Monarchy
Capital: Flea’tara
Age: 250 years
Technology Level: Warp Capable
Dominant Species: Flea’tan
Diplomatic Status: Allied
Classification: Custom
Sources: None


The Flea’tan Alliance is relatively small, spanning only 22 large colony systems, with a star ship navy of about 250 active vessels. In the Flea’tan monarchy a queen is raised from within their society every 150 years. Males hold an equal standing in the navy and other jobs however they cannot hold positions in government.


Early 2128 - Flea’tan society achieves in-system spaceflight.

Mid 2128 - Flea’tan scientists discover an alien structure at the edge of their solar system; research begins on new technology discovered there.

2130 - Flea’tan scientists discover the alien structure is in fact a means of faster than light travel that is connected to other relay ‘jump points’. They had to figure out how to get the jump points to work though. After two months of hard work they created many compression relay antennas that they soon expanded to work with other alien jump points in nearby systems. Using these structures though limits their expansion into deeper unexplored space.

2200 - The Flea’tan Alliance establishes its 5th colony outside the home Flea’tara system called Andol’tara

2239 - Males in Flea’tan society begin to push for more equality; their struggle for equal rights would take another 120 years.

2290 - The Flea’tan Alliance establishes its 10th colony outside the home Flea’tara system called Rol’tara

2315 - Flea’tan scientists make their first major breakthrough in weapon and shield technology in over 185 years. Weapons are based on phased and photonic principles. Shields now form an encompassing bubble around a vessel instead of energizing along the hull.

2320 - The Flea’tan Alliance under the orders of Queen Ana’delen creates a new division in their navy that they name ‘Expansion Department 7’. The division’s goals are locating new compression relay jump systems and developing new technologies.

2325 - As part of Expansion Department 7’s efforts relay energy battery cores are invented and soon stored upon all Flea’tan vessels, allowing limited conventional warp travel of Warp 3.5, for up to three weeks outside a relay jump system.

2350 - The Flea’tan Alliance crowns its newest Queen from the Del’eck family tree. The 15th colony outside the home Flea’tara system is named Del’eck to commemorate the occasion.

2365 - Expansion Department 7’s Commander Sal’esh Flea’tell is promoted to First Contact Captain, the first male to hold the title. With his duties of expanding the Flea’tan Alliance he has the added duty of being ambassador to any outside alien races. He is given this position due to the high risks of contact to possible alien races because of the nature of the jump relays. With these goals in mind he renews shipbuilding programs to bolster expansion and locate more relay jump hub systems and hopefully fashion new technologies.

2368 - Sal’esh Flea’tell’s effort at inventing new technologies bears fruit in a highly advanced sensor system that rivals present Federation technology by 10-15 years. In addition higher capacity relay battery cores are invented, allowing a cruising speed of warp 4.5 and a maximum speed of warp 6, for 12 hours for exploration purposes.

2369 - Sal’esh Flea’tell begins the first of 9 expeditions, to seek out new resources and colonization systems for the Alliance. Each expansion brings him increased fame and funding.

2374 - During Sal’esh Flea’tell’s 5th expedition into deep space, on a highly converted exploration vessel, Sal’esh and his team discover what would soon become the 20th colony established by the Alliance called Flea’tell’tara. It is named after Sal’esh’s family. He becomes the first male to have such a system named after him by Queen Del’eck.

Early 2386 - During Sal’esh Flea’tell’s 9th expedition into deep unexplored space he encounters the Federation science ship USS Barrett, commanded by Andorian Captain Reen. A month after extensive cultural exchange, official first contact overtures are extended by the Federation. The Flea’tan’s accept the offer showing interest in a technological exchange. The Federation wish to see the Flea’tan’s advanced sensors and the Alliance wish to incorporate conventional warp cores into their vessels. Two weeks later the USS Crusader is sent to carry out the first meeting and technology exchange. After an exhaustive 2 months of co-operation to stop the return of the Elder race, the mission ends in success and an official alliance between the Federation and Flea’tan Alliance is formed. An official technological and cultural exchange programs begin. Furthermore, the Crusader crew is heralded as honorary Knights of the Flea’tan Alliance at the crowning of Queen Del’eck for their efforts. Furthermore, during this time the USS Europa is sent on a top secret mission into Flea’tan space. Their mission entails stopping a renegade trio of Starfleet intelligence agents from Section 31, that have stolen a prototype stealth frigate equipped with advanced weapons and an interphase cloak. After an exhaustive month of searching, and a high pressure hide and seek game in a nearby colony system the Europa stops the attempted attack by the rogue intel agents from destroying the colony. As with the Crusader the entire crew is heralded as honorary Knights of the Flea’tan Alliance. With the securing of this technology exchange several Flea’tan Alliance engineers join the Federation in new shipbuilding projects; similarly Federation engineers join the Flea’tan Alliance in integrating conventional warp cores into their ships.

Early 2387 - During these early months the USS Europa, USS Dresden and the prototype starship NX-Memorial are sent on a top secret mission into the areas between the Federation and Flea’tan Alliance to investigate missing colony reports. Their investigations find that two intergalactic alien forces known as The Elder and The Ancients are waging a private war between each other, each race attempting to gain resources and effect changes in the timeline to be more favorable to their views. During one such investigation point the three ships aided by several Flea’tan cruisers learn of a missing colony where Queen Del’eck was currently visiting. Investigations reveal that the Elder in force has attacked and was harvesting the colony. At the same time several Ancient ships were converging for battle into the system through the Jump Relay. In a desperate move to avoid being destroyed, to save the colony and Queen Del’eck and to stop further fights between the two races, the three Federation ships, led by Captain Dvorak of the USS Europa, formulate a plan to quickly use the three ship’s tractor beams to slam a massive rogue comet into the relay. The resulting explosion destroys the Ancient ships, intercepting Elder ships and saves much of the colony and Queen Del’eck. While the explosion appears to destroy the group of Federation ships in the explosion, later debriefing to the Alliance by the Federation reveals that the Euorpa and Dresden survived but the NX-Memorial was lost with all hands.

2388 - With the closure of the events surrounding the Ancients and Elder resumed exchange efforts between both powers resumes. With a formal alliance signed between the Federation and Queen Del’eck, though the Flea’tan Alliance remains a non-member of the Federation.

2391 - Queen Del’eck begins a push for renewed expansion efforts by the Alliance using a new generation of ships for the Alliance Navy built on the backbone of allied efforts between the Federation and the Alliance. The 21st colony named Sol’tan after an ancient Flea’tan female hero from their earliest days of recorded history is founded.

2393 - The USS Saracen while on long range patrol is relayed to Flea’tara for R&R and to ‘show the flag’ on behalf of the Federation. While there they witness the death of Queen Del’eck seemingly by a sudden sickness. Del’eck’s queen in waiting Sha’lee is crowned in the next two days as the Alliance’s newest queen. Her rise shows marked closer ties to the Federation in trade, exploration, and cultural exchange. It also shows a renewed effort by males in Flea’tan society to push for more opportunity in job and government equality.

Early 2394 - Under orders by Queen Sha’lee, the now Fleet Commander ranked Sal’esh Flea’tell begins his newest long range expedition to find new systems to colonize. The 22nd colony named Cal’dona is founded 2 months later.

Mid 2394 - Discovery of a protocol in the Flea’tara jump relay finds the Alliance a way into the distant Andromeda Galaxy to a region known locally there as The Barrens. Initial exploration finds contact to two local space faring races. One known as the Be’chet a lizard, warrior like society and another named the Rec’tel a more peaceful humanoid species that lacks any form of written and spoken tongue. Finding a system to claim their own from the exiting relay the Alliance aided by the USS Ark Angel and a squadron of Starfleet ships aides in exploration and setup of a system outpost and contact with the Be’chet and Rec’tel on behalf of the Alliance and Federation.

GMDir Note: I’m extending this review till 15 March 2019 so it can have a proper review. If you want to see the original post, go’Parent’ or: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/command/gmd/notes/30329/ ~Linds

So just wanted to inquire on the status of this review?

Robert Archer

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