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Posted April 27, 2019, 8:38 a.m. by Robert Archer

Posted by Robert Archer in RM Submission- Flea’tan Species V.2

Posted by Robert Archer in RM Submission- Flea’tan Species V.2

Posted by Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director/Senior Gamemaster) in RM Submission- Flea’tan Species V.2

Posted by Vice Admiral Lindsay Bayes (Gamemaster Director/Senior Gamemaster) in RM Submission- Flea’tan Species V.2
The following is the updated Species submission for Rob Archer’s Fleat’ans. There are only small changes, so review is for only those sections and will be open for a week until Feb. 28th.

~Linds, GMDir

Changes from approved V1 to draft 1 of V2:

Changed an instance of Fleatara to Flea’tara
Changed ‘heritage line’ to ‘ancestors’ in the section detailing cultural religion
Added Del’eck to the section detailing the Crusader and Europa’s hero status as Knights
Amended that same section to not just be the Europa and Crusader but any Starfleet ship/crew
Changed a missed instance of ‘Ahead Department 7’ to Expansion department 7
Changed A-D-7 to E-D-7

Approved: {Old link removed] - Aug 9th 2013
Standard Name of Species: Flea’tan
Scientific Name of Species: Flea’Ant Erectus
Date: 06/25/13
Author: Robert Archer
Type: Species
Home world: Flea’tara
Average Height: 5‘4-6‘0
Average Weight: 140-180 lbs
Lifespan: 170 years
Starfleet: Exchange Officers Only
Classification: Custom
Sources: None


The Flea’tan species is a genetically modified mix of three species from their home world of Flea’tara. In this case, an insect like a Terran flea, grasshopper, and spider. They stand between 5‘4-6‘0 in height. Generally females are the larger of the two though in rare cases males can grow to equal heights.

Cultural Standing of Males

In Flea’tan culture males are looked down upon as the lesser sex. Though in recent years they are held in more or less equal standing in their culture they are not allowed to hold positions in their government as leaders. Otherwise they pursue the same fields of work as their female counterparts.

Cultural Religion

There is a single dying religion still used in the more distant city regions of Flea’tara and the Flea’tan colonies. Simply known as ‘The Elder’ faith, these faithful wait for the day that their god, cast out eons before, returns ‘in a sky washed in a sea of flame’. To reclaim his throne that was stolen from him by the ancestors of the twelve Flea’tan royal families. The faith demands of its followers to operate in secret and find ways to undermine, in small ways, the reliability of the general Flea’tan society and government. Furthermore, the faith demands that once every year the youngest child from the oldest family of the faith is sacrificed in a ritual to appease The Elder’s wrath, so that when he returns they secure their safety in his sky fires.

Truth of the Elder and the faith

The truth behind the Elder and his faith was that early in Flea’tan development the three developing species, still in the cave dwelling stages, were molded over several years by the Elder and his followers. These people were outcasts from the Andromeda galaxy fleeing the destruction of their homeworlds by another race known as the Ancients. None of this is known by the common people, and indeed only the royal Queens hold the bits and tattered pieces of the truth handed down from the ages when they still were in their earliest medieval stages.

The truth of the faith is that the old ways have been lost and hold no real meaning in the present modern day, other than to instill fear in young children.

Current Relations with the Federation

The Flea’tan Alliance is currently on friendly terms with the Federation. They are presently involved in diplomatic, technological, and limited personnel exchange programs. These programs are benefiting both cultures, as it allows the Federation access to newer sensor technology and the Flea’tans access to more modern weapons, shields, and conventional warp engine travel.

Due to the efforts of the USS Crusader and USS Europa, both crews are held in high regard in the Flea’tan Alliance. Both crews have been knighted by Flea’tan Queen Del’eck herself. The added bonus to this is that any time a Starfleet crew visit Flea’tan R&R facilities and vacation spots their stay is taken care of at the cost of the Queen herself.

Naming Structure

Flea’tan names are made by the following, the first three or four letters designate their family line followed by a ‘ with the following three or four letters designating their place of birth. The last names follow a similar pattern with the first three or four letters designating status followed again by a ‘ with the last three or four letters designating talents of their culture in relation to their language.

An example as follows then would be: Sal’lesh Kost’dora. In this case Sal designates the family line; Lesh shows the planet or city of birth, Kost shows the standing of the person or family in Flea’tan culture and Dora shows the person’s talent. Usually a royal cousin, sister, etc or someone of higher standing have four letter names than those who do not.

Caste Structure, Responsibilities & Advancement

There are three major castes in the Flea’tan culture.

-1. Nobility / Government: The Nobility / Government caste of Flea’tan culture is made up of 12 different families each ranging in size of around 50-200 family members each. To keep DNA and breeding fresh and strong every two generations two families from the Naval caste who have shown distinct service are ‘adopted’ and merged into the 12 different Noble families.

a. The Nobility caste is primarily responsible for the breeding and training of three Flea’tan females within the Nobility families for which one will be selected, by ritual testing, to be the next Flea’tan Queen at the age of maturity at 25 years. This occurs every 140 standard Flea’tara years. Allowing a five year overlap in shared service with the aged Flea’tan Queen and the incoming would be Queen.

b. The remaining two Flea’tan females who are not selected for the status of Queen then gain rulership of a Flea’tan colony, ship squadron or similar duty in service to the selected Queen. If the selected Queen were to perish earlier than expected then a vote among the Nobility caste would select the female from these two to replace the fallen Queen.

-2. Alliance Navy: Besides the Nobility the next greatest honor any Flea’tan can strive towards is service in the Flea’tan Alliance Navy. Comprised of over 250 ships at present, as well as the distinct service ‘Expansion Department 7’, the Flea’tan Alliance Navy brings the best that their society has to offer among the stars and colonies of Flea’tan space. In general over 200 influential families with 100 some members each govern over the Alliance Navy caste.

a. This caste’s primary responsibility is the expansion, exploration, and development of the Flea’tan Alliance in all forms, ranging from military expansion, exploration, resource gathering and new technology development.

b. A subsection in this caste is ‘Expansion Department 7’ also known as E-D-7. This special division of the Flea’tan Alliance tests, finds, and researches new technology development, as well as containing the highest cream of the crop scientists, soldiers, and engineers in Flea’tan society.

-3. Servants: The Servants caste is the lowest ranked of Flea’tan society and also the largest; with numbers ranging in the tens of thousands if not more, it is also the poorest and least talented. Often other castes will avoid dealing with the Servant caste unless they are in need of cheap easy to replace labor for some job. It is also the hardest caste to rise out of in comparison to the others.

a. This caste has no real responsibilities compared to the others. In most cases Servant caste members are colonists with only the most basic of skills and education compared to others. Their hope is to stake claims to new colony worlds that they set up first in an effort to gain influence over their other Servant caste members of that colony.

b. Furthermore, Servant caste members are the poorest of Flea’tan society, struggling for every inch of profit, influence, education and skills they can muster in their lives.

-4. Advancement: Advancing from one caste to another is a difficult proposition in Flea’tan society. One must show great skill, influence and worth to move from one to another. On average most Flea’tans do not have this resolve, especially in the Servant caste, there are however, exceptions.


Due to how the Flea’tan culture is structured only the Queen’s royal family knows their full history. As such most Flea’tans are simply concerned with the day to day affairs of life and current events over the past few months at best.

Player Note: What this means is that any player characters of the Flea’tans can not be from the royal families due to them never leaving their cultural responsibilities. As such players would come from the lower caste ranks.

Romance / Mating Rituals / Birth Rates

Romance among Flea’tan society is quite different from more common practices. Being an insectoid race mixed together from three others. Such involvements often could be seen as quite alien to Federation members.

When a Flea’tan female begins to look for a potential mate among the male populace they will often hold challenges or similar events for the right to earn her hand in a marriage ritual. These events are often made to show interested male’s skills, strengths and their prowess in providing for a potential family.

Once a winner is chosen from these events the female and male’s families will often discuss living arrangements and family duties while the pair court and learn more deeply of each other. In the case of those Flea’tans of high skill or standing in society the Flea’tan Queen or other royal representative may impart a gift or boon upon the courting couple.

Upon the sealing of their marriage and family vows there follows a month long cycle of mating and further relationship growth between the newlywed pair, in some rare cases females once they have ensured they are pregnant will in a fit of primitive lusts eat their male mate. Thankfully this practice is rare due to recent advances in Flea’tan medical studies, but it still does occur in less privileged families, or those cut off for some reason of that medical care.

The average size family born to a Flea’tan couple ranges from 2-4 in total. While this number was once far larger DNA manipulations by the Elder in their earliest points of history prevented the overpopulation of their planet until the most recent years. Fortunately by that point Flea’tan society had developed space flight and begun to found colonies elsewhere for expansion and development through the use of the backwards engineered Elder jump gateways.

GMDir Note: I’m extending this review till 15 March 2019 so it can have a proper review. If you want to see the original post, go’Parent’ or: https://www.star-fleet.com/core/command/gmd/notes/30328/ ~Linds

So just wanted to inquire on the status of this review?

Robert Archer

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