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Posted Dec. 26, 2019, 11:07 a.m. by Robert Archer

At the request of the GMDir here is my post submission for the Bolay a hostile custom race of dolphin like humanoids.


Bolay (Bo Sapiens)
DATE: 12/14/15
AUTHOR: Robert Archer
TYPE: Species
HEIGHT: 4’0-4’2 (females) 4’0-4’5 (males)
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
LIFESPAN: 50 years
STARFLEET: Never (Hostile)

Sources: None

OVERVIEW --------

The Bolay species is a race of aquatic humanoids descended from what many scientists in the Federation feel were Preserver transplanted Terran bottlenose dolphins in Earth’s past to the Bol system on the planet of Bol III. There these early dolphins were exposed unintentionally to a passing rogue asteroid which broke apart in Bol III’s atmosphere. The resulting fallout mutated the race over time into a more dolphinesque humanoid structure similar to what might be called mercreatures from Earth mythology.

Development & Physical Structure

After thousands of years of development the Bolay species matured rapidly through their progressive ages, though never truly left their waterborne environment. The Boly stand between 4’0-4’5 in height, possessing short stubby legs balanced by a wide tail appendage. Their arms end in five fingered hands with still useable flexible fins on their underarms. They have two eyes on either side of their projected skulls allowing them to see almost 360 degrees all around them. Their bulbous nose ends in a single nostril, though research has shown their sense of smell is lower than that of a human’s. They are capable of breathing without an environmental wetsuit on land for up to 15 minutes before needing to either return to a water based environment or wear an environmental wetsuit. As a general rule the Bolay species wear such suits when not in their native waterborne environments.

Like the bottlenose dolphins they evolved from the Bolay still possess echolocation, infrared sounding, and have evolved the ability to psychically form 3 dimensional sonic objects when in the water.

Once the Bolay evolved into more humanoid forms they soon developed the need for sleep for at least 2 hours every 30 hour period. If nothing else then to rest their minor psychically charged minds.

Though their earlier ocean borne ancestors briefly developed a form of telepathic communication, later evolutions saw this devolve into simple empathic surface reading of emotions and feelings.

Regions Of Influence

The Bolay species within the Bol system and their colonies are found along the region’s operated by the Foremost and Infinite fleets, and with borders nearing the Klingon and Romulan Empire’s region of influence. They also have numerous colonies spanning towards the coreward regions of the galaxy within the Beta Quadrant.

First Contact With The Federation

First contact with the Bolay was first recorded in 2301 by the Mariner class USS Merrimack while on a routine exploration voyage near the Klingon border in, then, unclaimed space. First contact with a Bolay patrol cruiser soon ended badly with hostile fire exchanged on both sides, ending in the death of 12 Merrimack crew members and an unknown number of Bolay.

HISTORY --------

Note: All dates are Earth centric not Bolay based.

2 million years ago (Earth): The enigmatic race known as the Preservers for reasons unknown take large samples of prehistoric bottlenose dolphins and transplant them to what is later known as the Bol system in the Beta Quadrant.

1 million years ago (Bol III): A rogue asteroid slams into the northern hemisphere of Bol III. The resulting fallout of radiation and mineral wash off into the planet’s vast oceans triggers a mutation in the evolving plant and sea life. In particular the prehistoric bottlenose terran dolphins over the next many thousands of years evolve into intelligent humanoids.

150 BC: The Bolay species makes it first steps onto the single continent land mass of Bol III.

100 BC: The Bolay species emerge from the oceans as a hunter/gatherer group to establish the first land based agriculture villages.

1000 AD: The Bolay begin growth of vast stone worked underwater cities, coupled with smaller town colonies on the landmasses of Bol III. The species also begins to experiment with crude forms of explosives on both land and sea.

1020 AD: The Bolay form an effective planet wide government based on a monarchy with advising council.

1090 AD: A war breaks out among the Bolay on the various land colonies to the monarchy government below the oceans. The war for the land based Bolay colonies would last almost another 30 years with heavy losses on both sides.

1091-1121 AD: The war for independence for land based Bolay colonies spurs the invention of assorted firearms and other primitive missile based technologies. Crude forms of missiles are invented tipped with gaseous poisons. The deployment of these gaseous missiles finally ends the long war for independence with victory by the land faction.

1122 AD: The treaty of Sequeshal Independence establishes two nations on the planet of Bol III. The united land colonies of Bol form The Republic of Sequeshal formed around a democratic republic government with one governing council. The oceanic Bolay continue with their original monarchy government and single nation state.

1200 AD: Due to a large scale disease breaking out among the population within the oceans known as the Red Death. The Republic of Sequeshal institutes an effective quarantine of their land mass by all oceanic Bolay by use of large forces of naval patrols and waterborne seawalls equipped with for the time advanced filtering webs.

1330 AD: The plague known as the Red Death finally ends among the oceanic Bolay. Due to stagnation of research and development, as well as a decimated population the monarchy suffers greatly in its reign of control. The monarchy and its people fall into a near Dark Age, with technology barely out of equivalency of Earth’s 1500s. The Republic of Sequeshal as a result advances to firearms and other technology equal to those used on Earth in the early 1800s.

1390 AD: The oceanic borne Bolay monarchy is effectively ended by the long term effects of the Red Death. Desperate for fresh blood to stave off genetic disorders, as well as improve their quality of life the remains of the once monarchy nation tribes offer services to their land based brethren. In exchange for this aide the oceanic Bolay slowly merge with their land based brothers and sisters.

1450 AD: The now planetary united Bolay advance to advanced steam, and early electrical technologies equal to those used on Earth in the early 1900s. The first forms of wet suits allow Bolay explorers to send explorers and colonists deeper into the central regions of their land mass for months at a time. This ushers in what is known among the Bolay as the Great Expansion.

1498 AD: Bolay genius inventor Soglo invents the first manned flying machine formed from a steam and later electrical powered dirigible. Local military forces are quick to mount more advanced forms of chemical and standard explosive devices on these large flying behemoths.

1650-1670 AD: Small skirmishes break about around the planet of Bolay as a more militant faction of the Republic of Sequeshal demands that the republic turn over control of the government to the military. While the faction never truly gains influence it seeks, minor gains are made in establishing small states of influence around the planet throughout the coming years.

1990 AD: The militant faction states of the Republic of Sequeshal invent the first nuclear weapons on their planet. Taking advantage of this technology leap this faction begins conventional armed wars against their neighbors soon splitting the Republic into smaller states as the fear of nuclear annihilation forces many state militias and governments to surrender without a fight. The militant faction soon forms their own entity of government known as the Bolay Military States.

2005 AD: Unable to effectively counter the nuclear power of the Bolay Military States. What remains of the Republic of Sequeshal surrenders all government and resource control to the military state. Unified once more all ocean, land, and air forces of the Bolay people fall under full guidance of the military, as does all forms of research and development.

2090 AD: The Bolay Military R&D arm tests the first fusion powered devices, with technology now equal to that found on Earth in the early 2100s just after Earth’s First Contact with Vulcan. The first space probes are launched by the military soon after many are armed with nuclear or neutron warheads to control the populace below.

2110 AD: The Bolay military state launches the first large scale spaceborne platform. Armed with primitive high powered lasers, nuclear and fusion missiles the large oceanic based orbital facility is soon the main hub of all governing powers on the planet.

2182 AD: Bolay scientists crack the warp barrier, within months system based craft are refitted or new larger craft built with these warp engines to begin exploring nearby star systems. Over the next 10 years the Bolay military establish three colonies ran by an iron flipper by military generals in nearby star systems.

2199 AD: The Bolay have first contact with the Klingon Empire, the two hostile navies spar off in a series of skirmishes over the next 15 years which finally results in a border agreement between the two powers.

2130 AD: The Bolay now span nearly 25 colonies, with a military and merchant of equal or in advanced to the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Neither major power is willing to risk outright combat due to the heavy losses for little gain either side would face. Skirmishes however, and raids will continue through the rest of the 22nd century. During this time Bolay technology equals that which the Federation would have in the early 23rd century.

2240-2255 AD: The Bolay military state suffers a brief but bloody internal uprising on several planets and civil war within their own naval and army arms. The bloody fighting only ends with the ruling dictator of the Bolay central government ordering the planetary annihilation of 3 rebel colonies each home to over 2 million rebels and their families.

2280 AD: Bolay technologies are the equal of Federation technologies in use around the early 24th century. Careful trade agreements occur between the Bolay, Klingon and Romulan Empires. The Bolay military begins a protracted policing effort to destroy any influences by outside forces such as the Orions or similar forces.

2301 AD: The Bolay military patrol cruiser BSS Ocean’s Bluff encounters the Mariner class USS Merrimack while on a routine exploration voyage in unclaimed space near the Klingon border. The Bolay after taking full stock of this new encounter decide that the Merrimack and the Federation are too close to their space and a fight breaks out resulting in 12 dead on the Merrimack and 18 dead on the Ocean’s Bluff. The Merrimack escapes the battle before Bolay reinforcements can arrive informing the Federation of this new enemy close to their own borders.

February 2305 AD: The Bolay annex the Federation colony world of Freedom’s Progress. A large oceanic research colony and station within the Progress system. The fleet of 10 Bolay cruisers and assorted troop transports soon control the system. Their only saving grace is they allowed the Federation colony there to evacuate with no shots fired.

August 2305 AD: After six months in an effort to diplomatically have the Bolay release the Progress system and return to their own space fail. The Federation sends a task force of 2 Constitution class heavy cruisers, 8 Miranda class light cruisers and 4 Loknar heavy frigates as troop transports into the system to retake it. The spaceborne battle will last almost 3 days before finally Bolay space forces are driven from the system allowing the Big Red One division of Starfleet’s Marine Corp to land and begin to retake the system from the remaining Bolay troops.

September 2305: Entrenched Bolay troops use guerilla tactics and hit and run raids to make the Starfleet Marines pay for each meter of ground they fight for both on land and at sea. Colonel Starks leading the Marine forces comments “It’s hell fighting an enemy who can fight so well in the ocean”. Meanwhile small raids by Bolay space patrols keeps the Starfleet task force from effectively aiding the Marine forces on the ground.

October 1st-7th 2305 AD: In what would become known as the Week Of Hell, a fleet of Bolay ships and troop transports return to the Progress system intent this time on driving out the Federation for good. Nearly 30 Bolay combat cruisers clash with a force ½ its size. However, the Federation Captains prove their mettle in slowing Bolay progress to effectively land troops to their beleaguered forces on the planets. The size of the Federation force of starships soon grows to a staggering 35 ships, with the Bolay soon gaining equal numbers. Throughout the week clashes across the system show again and again the two powers to easily matched in technology to make much of a dent. At the end of the week the system wide battle is finally decided by a titanic clash of troops from the Big Red One and the Bolay army on Progress II at the Oceanic research colony. After 12 hours of constant front line battle the Bolay troops are evacuated and reluctantly the remaining Bolay naval forces stage a fighting retreat. In total Starfleet losses 5 ships, another 2 are badly damaged to be scrapped and the rest are left in dockyards for the next month for repairs. The Bolay are equally ravaged with nearly 18 of their ships destroyed and the rest badly damaged. Troop losses for the Marines reach nearly 6,000, with the Bolay army suffering the staggering loss of over 8,000 soldiers.

November 3rd 2305 AD: After almost a month of diplomatic talks via subspace radio the Bolay Military State and the Federation sign a non-aggression treaty forming a border of nearly 40 light years as well as a 2 light years deep neutral zone, entry by which on either side would result in full out right war.

2330 AD: The Bolay military focuses on coreward region expansion establishing more militarily controlled colonies through unclaimed space. Minor wars are fought by the Bolay in some cases wiping out whole races on planets they wish to conquer regardless of their development. From now until the late 2360s the Bolay refrain from any contact with outside powers ceasing their minor trade agreements with the Klingon and Romulan empires.

2369 AD: After almost 40 years of silence from the Bolay military state, a raid by what the central government terms ‘rogue terrorists’ sees 6 Bolay cruisers enter Federation space and strike at their border colonies leaving almost 200 dead and another 400 some injured. In total 3 civilian starships and the USS Bolster a Trafalgar class destroyer responding to the distress call of the third colony is lost in the attacks.

2375-78 AD: The Bolay military state signs a nonaggression pact with the Dominion, remaining neutral during the Dominion War. For the remainder of the years once more the Bolay turn inwards upon themselves isolating from the rest of the known galaxy.

2388 AD: With the Romulan Empire in chaos after the Hobius Star incident the year before. Bolay naval forces begin raiding and attacking border colonies now nearly helpless to defend themselves. Only the joint threat of reprisal attacks by the Klingon Empire and the Federation curb the Bolay from full scale invasions on the colonies.

2391 AD: After a protracted investigation near the former Romulan Star Empire naval shipyards of Prazen Prime, now known as Rol’tol colony. The crew of Starbase Magellan uncover a plot by the Bolay military to cause the Klingon Empire to attack the colony from fabricated intelligence of illegal weapons and research, seeming too good to ignore. The ruse almost works until the Magellan crew aboard the Memorial class battle cruiser USS Tribute uncover the deception and convince the Klingons to back down. In retaliation the Klingon Empire turns to active border raids against the Bolay military state. Current relations with the Federation on the whole remain hostile, though so far no further direct border crossings into Federation space either by raids or full on attacks are being made.

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