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Posted Dec. 26, 2019, 11:08 a.m. by Robert Archer

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At the request of the GMDir here is my location submission for GMs to use in sims near Infinite Fleet called The Abyss!

Small edit forgot it was near infinite fleet not black >.>


Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Entry Type: Custom


The nebulous region known as The Abyss spans the borders of Fleet 8, also known as Infinite Fleet, covers 10 light years in length, by 5 light years in width and another 5 light years in height. It is positioned within Federation space though currently borders no inhabited systems. The Abyss is so named because out of the 5 starships to enter its borders only 1 has returned, the fifth of which the USS Turing was so badly damaged it had to be scrapped. The Abyss consists of assorted plasmas, iron minerals, Medidion particles, and other common makes ups similar to a Mutara class nebula. The large expansive size of The Abyss means it contains assorted asteroid and cometary fields which further make it a hazard to those ships that enter its borders.


The nebula later named The Abyss was first discovered by the USS Possible, an original Constitution class heavy cruiser, in the early months of 2220. So thick though and expansive was The Abyss nebula though that the Possible was ordered to leave simple marker buoys for later surveyors to map out the region.

This follow up survey work did not come to completion until the later months of 2287 by the USS Omar, a refit Constitution class heavy cruiser. The Omar, however, only made a single mapping report before it was lost with all hands. The Omar reported odd gravitational fluctuations that shifted from their forward to aft bows and that the anomalous readings were coming from deeper into the nebula which they were going to investigate.

Once the Omar was declared overdue by two weeks Starfleet sent in another two Constitution class heavy cruisers by the names of USS Albert and USS Worlds. The two were assigned first to search for the missing Omar while setting up navigational and research buoys for a later to be determined survey. Both ships encountered the emergency log marker of the Omar and proceeded to the last location where the anomalous readings were located, after their failure to report a week later the rescue ships were also declared lost with all hands and no further rescue ships were sent.

After almost 59 years Starfleet again sent a survey ship the USS Amala, a Mariner class heavy cruiser in 2347 to again survey The Abyss. The cruiser easily located the navigation and research buoys left behind by the Albert and Worlds years before and explained how Medidion particles were likely the cause for the sensor ghosts and other anomalous readings the three ships would not have been prepared for nor detected. As was explained Medidion particles required realignment of all sensors to accommodate their presence. As like the previous three ships the Amala mysteriously vanished with all hands with no signs of foul play nor what happened to it.

Robert Archer
Submitted: 12/26/19

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