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DATE: 12/22/2019 AUTHOR: Katy Darrah TYPE: Species HOMEWORLD: Thrunara IV HEIGHT: Males average height is 6’3” females are, on average 5’10” WEIGHT: 178-180 lbs LIFESPAN: 140-160 years STARFLEET: Rare CLASSIFICATION: Custom

Sources: None

OVERVIEW --------


Thrunara IV is the 4th planet of the Thrunaran system. While other planets in the system can sustain life, and are M class planets, Thrunara IV is the only one currently inhabited. The climate is temperate in much of the planet, but becomes tropical near the equator.

Much of the day is often much darker than natural sunlight (considered to be the brightness of heavy shade) due to the oftenly occuring electrical storms high in the atmosphere. Due to this effect of hyper-charging the air with residual electrical energy, the Thrunarans have evolved a sort of electroconductivity/electrosensitivity that allows them to interface with electrical devices by tapping into the currents flowing through a device.


Thrunaran culture is based on the concept of family legacy. A man carries on his family name and it’s his job to make its legacy ongoing, and keep it going. A name passes from a father to his children, and each male is expected to carry it on. Females are also allowed to keep their maiden names, though many choose to take their husband’s.

If a Thrunaran is disgraced and exiled (the primary punishment for treason), the oldest child is to keep the family name, while any younger children can take the name of the new spouse to their parent. This can often lead to a family “dying out” if the eldest child is a female and quickly marries.

Thrunarans are overall a close people, believing that respect for each other is a good thing, so you’ll rarely see fights–even at bars.


Thrunara IV is governed by a patriarchal monarchy, consisting of a royal head of state, the prince. A prince doesn’t gain the title of King until death, at which point his name is changed to a chosen posthumous name (often chosen by his parents after his birth), and he is then referred to as a king. The prince is also assisted by 4 advisors that also act as guards and parliamentary body, known as the Four. The positions of the Four are also hereditary, however sometimes a multi-stage test is held if the previous Four resign.


Their planet being in an almost constant state of electric storms helped them evolve to their current status.

All Thrunarans have a natural electroconductivity, but the degree tends to vary based on training and environmental factors. With training a Thrunaran can learn to focus their abilities to tap into the electrical impulses within the body of another humanoid and effectively shut them down.

They can also see very minor disruptions in electrical fields. This is quite helpful, as many of them often lend out their services as electrical engineers.

HISTORY -------- Modern Thrunaran history dates back to an event they call the “Reckoning” when the then-allied tribes on the planet overthrew an alien dictator that had come and settled the planet, not knowing of the underground tunnel complex that housed over 17 different tribal people. These people, through careful diplomatics on the part of the settled “surface people” as the tribes called them, grew to an uneasy alliance that later grew to an inter-breeding of the two cultures. This would bring about the first of the “modern” lineage of Thrunarans. Originally the electrical storms and highly charged air of the planet required the people to live in specially designed shelters and place particle diffusers to enable habitation, but slowly, through the intermingling of tribal and settler blood, some of the thrunarans began to develop a resistance, and later immunity, to the fierce electrical storms. Eventually, the immunity to the fierce charges proved useful, when a religious sect, known as the “Order of the Negative” began destroying shelters and diffusers, in an attempt to bring about what they called “the Positive Enlightenment” which they believed would help break the world free from the constant state of electrical storms and lightning strikes. The ruler at the time--Prince Ronar Yo-ku’ra--assembled a group of four highly specialized soldiers who were known to have a near perfect immunity to the electrical charges, and sent them out to deal with the Order. Upon seeing that these four--who were armed to the teeth with the latest in Thrunaran military technology--were not showing the signs of electrical sickness--a common illness that was associated with extended, unprotected, exposure to the environment, the Order quickly gave up their pursuits, fearing for their lives. Though several higher ranking members of the Order were able to slip into the underground tunnel network, almost every member of the Order’s leadership was executed for “High Crimes against the People” it was the first and only time execution was used. The four soldiers were later given highly sought after positions in the Thrunaran government, starting what would become known as the Four, four advisors to the Prince who would also act as assistants as needed. Star travel was not an unknown concept to the Thrunarans--the original settlers came on a starship--however, they had not yet turned their attention towards the stars. Now was the time, and the Prince began to collaborate with the Thrunaran Science Association (TSA) to create a ship that not only could communicate and scan through possible electrical interference like what their own world had. This ship was designed as an exploration and science vessel, designed to map the system, and make contact with the people on any other worlds they might find to be inhabited. This project was deemed successful, however the only other worlds found to be inhabited were inhabited by small settlements of a tribe or two that weren’t spacefaring. Deciding they were harmless, the Thrunarans decided not to bother them, and continued to map their system. They slowly used knowledge gained from each flight to build a Spaceport, shipyard, and several other classes of ship, including a low-atmosphere force of fighters, several combat-oriented ships, and a special class of mass-casualty capable hospital ships, which have interchangeable facilities that allow for an increased capacity in the event of a mass-casualty event.

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