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Changelog Draft 1 - 2:

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Alstaire (Al Sapien)
DATE: 05/16/2021
AUTHOR: Robert Archer
TYPE: Species
HOMEWORLD: Alstair Prime
HEIGHT: 5‘3 - 5’10
WEIGHT: 130lbs - 147lbs
STARFLEET: Infrequent
Sources: Custom


Physical Overview

The Alstaire (pronounced Al-stair-e) are a race of mono-gendered humanoids which hail from the planet of Alstair Prime, in the Alstair system. Their body structure is closest in shape to many female humanoids, though instead of a common tan or dark skin coloring, they have a purple skin tone. They are usually slender in build, and have a natural grace and charisma greater than most other humanoid races. Their musculature is usually slightly less than most humans in strength and endurance. They have two eyes, a two nostril nose, a mouth and two slim like elfin ears similar to humans or what some refer to as ‘elves’ in old Terran mythology. Their hair structure is thick and often grows three times as fast compared to most other humanoids. Their hair color ranges from a dark black to dark brown in color tones. Their eye coloring ranges from dark green to dark blue in tone.

Evolution & Reproduction

The Alstaire race evolved from a set of purple skinned, dark furred, omnivore animals on their planet. This species male population eventually died out due to radioactive mutations from a passing comet. This same radioactive mutation affected the female population over the next several generations to reproduce asexually, due to the lack of the male population. This has meant that much of Alstaire modern society looks similar to their birth Mothers of generations past. This same mutation and evolution eventually saw the rise of the Alstaire culture and civilization through the increase in brain mass and complexity. Due to their form of reproduction, no Alstaire can reproduce with another species, though they are open to relationships and experiences with non-Alstaire.

Culture & Religious Views

The Alstaire culture is generally built around tolerance, patience, enlightenment of experience, and meditations. Their belief system is one of sharing experiences with their society and bettering themselves from such sharing among others. They are careful to consider their actions, and prone to much debate unless ship or planet wide emergencies are threatening them. They do not believe in striking first against an opponent, preferring to work out a peaceful co-existence whenever possible. But if needed they will defend themselves quite strongly for the betterment of the group and family.

In their nearly two million years of growth only twice has their species faced endangerment. The first in 26 BC (Earth Year) saw the growing late Medieval society greatly reduced in number due to overpopulation. This occurred due to the religious doctrine of the time preaching strong population growth and expansion. As a result the society took a sharp dive in stability due to an outbreak of a virulent plague on much of the planet. The second time was in 1950 AD (Earth Year). The Alstaire now into the late Information Age, were racked by a series of meteorite showers and ion storms which rained devastation upon the planet and its population. Creating a miniature ice-age which again greatly reduced the planet’s population and growth. As a result of these two events the Alstaire people take great pains to consider how their beliefs impact their society as well as others. They also eventually came to build advanced methods of deflecting, detecting and destroying meteorite or comet showers endangering population centers. If there is one hold over due to the second event especially, it is that there is a deep seated fear or at least nervous anxiety of meteorite and comet showers among the space faring population.

Federation First Contact

First Contact with the Alstaire people was first made by the USS Merrimack in 2301, following up on a series of warp pulses from the then unexplored region near Alstair Prime. Investigations found a small four deck vessel of 28 Alstaire stranded 5 light years from their home system after their warp drive system had broken down. Up till this point the Alstaire people had suspected there was life in the universe but had till now not met anyone. Aided by the USS Merrimack, the Alstaire test ship was successfully repaired and escorted the Merrimack to their home system. Where after meeting the Tri-Council Governing Body of three presiding members, lengthy discussions and debate resulted in friendly overtures extended to the Federation for further contact. However, it was not till almost a century later in 2390 when the Alstaire people formally joined the Federation and would see a moderate rush of young Alstaire enter the Academy to experience what the Federation and its people could offer them. Till this point the Alstaire people, their small exploration fleet, and handful of colonies were happy with simple trade and cultural exchanges.


2,000,000 BC - Alstair Prime is bombarded by cosmic radiation and cometary dust storms. This induces a mutation in the semi-intelligent mammalian populace where over the next several generations sees the male sex of the species die out and a mutated form of the females survive by asexual reproduction.

1,000,000 BC - The Alstaire people evolve up to the equivalent of a Stone Age society. The first three major tribes of the planet, in an interesting twist of fate, form what would later become the Tri-Council Governing Body.

100 BC - Though slow to change and advance, the Alstaire people by this stage have evolved into a mid-late medieval society. A religious order advising the Tri-Council Governing Body, pushes strongly for vast population and territorial expansion. Despite warnings from some non-religious followers to consider such a hasty statue of life, the order’s belief takes root and large-scale births and population centers spring up.

25 BC - Due to vast population growth unchecked due to the religious belief currently held by the Alstaire people. Their late medieval society collapses due to overpopulation and the lack of food and clean water to support it. As a result the major religious order of the Alstaire people collapses with their society into extinction.

1250 AD - After a long period in what the Alstaire people refer to as ‘The Dark Times’, an age of enlightenment, tolerance, and growth renews the Alstaire population. The Tri-Council Governing Body once more takes root and the three major tribal factions reunite to rebuild their society from the Dark Times. The society has a spurt of technological growth carefully evolving into what their historians later would call ‘The Great Enlightenment’ period. This was equal in some ways to Terran society around the late 1500s.

1780 AD - The Alstaire people have grown their society to equal the early Information Age of development. Steam propelled vehicles during this time quickly give way to fossil and electrical powered modes of transport. The first airships and early planes fly the skies of Alstair Prime. The first mechanical computers and analog information networks also take shape.

1890 AD - The Alstaire people develop nuclear power, strict regulations though by the Tri-Party Governing Council prevents it from being used for military development. Instead it sees use as a form of power to supplement developing solar, wind, and oceanic wave power generation. Also seen around this time are the first orbital satellites and probes exploring the Alstaire system’s 8 other planets and assorted moons.

1950 AD - A large scale meteorite and ion storm bombards the Alstaire system. Vast centers of population and societal development are destroyed, setting back the growth of the Alstaire people once more in a miniature Ice Age. As a result of this ‘Second Dark Time’ as historians later call it, a deep rooted fear of meteor and ion storms takes hold of the population. Later space faring explorers will take great pains to detect, deflect, destroy or just out right to avoid such storms, meteor showers or the like.

2150 AD - The Alstaire people led by the Tri-Council Governing Body remain united globally. Despite their setbacks they, by this year, evolve into colonizing their home system and begin sending out sublight cryo-sleeper ships to colonize and explore nearby star systems. These efforts though were set back due to the loss of contact of all three ships.

2301 AD - The Alstaire people send out their first warp capable test ship. This test flight breaks the warp barrier three times over the next three months. The test flight also had the objective of searching for the lost earlier cryo ships, but this ended in failure. On the third test flight on the return trip to their home system the drive breaks 5 light years from the Alstair system. Thankfully the Mariner class starship USS Merrimack detects the warp tests and arrives to repair their ship. Returning to Alstair Prime the USS Merrimack crew under Captain John Glen open formal First Contact overtures to the Tri-Council Governing Body. The Tri-Council, after nearly 3 weeks of debating, finally accepts the offer of friendship from the Federation and over the next half a century will begin closer and closer trade and cultural exchanges. But overall it will remain separate from the Federation as a member state.

2390 AD - The Alstaire people and their now four total colonies formally petition and are eagerly accepted into the Federation as a member state. A moderate rush of Alstaire youth join Starfleet Academy eager to experience what the Federation and its people have to offer up close and personal.

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