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Ten Forward: relaxation, fellowship, a place in which crewmembers come together, off duty, and kick back and relax.

Here at STF, this is where the cast and crew of the oldest online Star Trek roleplaying site on the web come together, outside of the sim.

Home to the Community Marketing Management team, 10 Forward hosts all of STF’s out of character (OOC) events, as well as resources to help our players get a better handle on how to produce the top quality roleplay we are known throughout the world for.

Whether you’re interested in joining our book club, watch parties, STO tournaments, catching our newsletter, or reading some of our many informative articles written by STF’ers for STF’ers, 10 forward is the place to be. So join us, kick back, relax, and stay a while!

Why not join our Discord Server or Facebook Group, follow our Twitter feed, or join in with our GoodReads forum? Whatever you decide, you can be rest assured your OOC poison is our pleasure to provide!

STF Book Club

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    December 5, 2020 @ 4pm ET

    Episode: TBA

    If you would like to host a watch party yourself, you can find all the information here!

    The next book is: Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (see this post for more info).

    Reading has just started so feel free to add comments when you wish.

    For Book Club schedule and instructions, read this post.

    We encourage everyone to join in the discussion at our new Goodreads STF group, located HERE

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    "Posting isn't just about thoughts and words spoken aloud. It's also hand gestures, arm motions, physical movement, facial expressions, head tilts etc."

    ~Amber "Taz" DeSadier

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