2018 Short Story Competition- Timeline Revised, Submissions Open!

Posted Oct. 21, 2018, 2:17 p.m. by Lindsay Bayes (Marketing & Advertising Coordinator/Events) (Lindsay Bayes)

It’s back!

We’re once again hosting a short story comp that is open to the whole club. Please read through this all carefully and go get writing! Please note that due to various issues, the timeline previously posted has been revised.

The Submission period is now OPEN!

Any questions, be sure to let me know.


Short Story Competition:

Submission Period Opens: 21 Oct 2018,
Submission Period Closes: 31 Oct 2018

Panel Review: 1-14 Nov 2018

Shortlist Announced and Posted: 15 Nov 2018

Club Voting Period: 15- 21 Nov 2018

Winners announced: 22 Nov 2018


-Fan Fiction stories are written and submitted by deadline.
-Panelists read every story and score them on a number of factors.
-Short list created by adding scores from each panelist and choosing the top five. Any ties will be broken by the panel beforehand.
-Shortlisted stories are posted in Ten Forward for the club to read.
-Club votes for their favourite via a poll set up. Link will be posted in Ten Forward and as a news item.
-Top votes win (there can be ties).
-Top three stories noted and their names and links to their stories put up on the Ten Forward MOTD.

Submission Rules:

-Must be written in English. (choice of style of English- American, British etc- doesn’t matter)
-Must comply with the STF TOS.
-No less than 1000 words and no more than 5000 words.*
-Must be set in the Star Trek Universe as fan fiction.
-Must be written in full sentences, with coherent spelling and grammar.
-Needs to have a title.
-One submission per person.
-DO NOT include your name in the story. All submission will be kept anonymous through the judging and voting phases. But please include it in your email if it is not obvious by your email address.
-Submissions can be in Word, OpenOffice or PDF, but please make sure you do not include your name in any place but your email.
-If you are including any STF characters that are not you own, you must have permission from the character’s owner before using them in your story. This may be checked so make sure it’s in writing.

All entries are to be submitted to me at stflinds@gmail.com with your name ONLY in the email itself, not the story. I will take each entry, assign it a number and then forward it to the panel who will then read and mark all stories. I will let you know when your entry is received, so if you don’t get a reply from me, your entry hasn’t been received.

Panel: Steve Johnson, Calé Reilly and Tony Findora.

Please make sure you have read through all these guidelines as any stories not meeting them will be disqualified. You’ve been warned. ;)

Panelist Scoring:

Rated on a scale of 1-5 (5 being highest)

Spelling and grammar, and story structure.
Do they spell words properly (American and British English are both allowed) and use proper grammar. Do they use proper paragraphs and dialogue?

Story Concept
Is the story original? Engaging? Fun and interesting to read? Does it adhere mostly to Star Trek canon? (ie. doesn’t take known events and change them for kicks, twists on things are fun as it is fan fiction)

Are the characters believable? Well described?

Is there a beginning, middle and end? Does it flow well, make sense?

Overall mark (this one out of 10- 1, poor, 5 fair, 10 amazing)

Each total scored out of 30. Scores are then combined from the panelists for a mark out of 90.

*5000 words= ~ 7 pages at 10 point

Via Wikipedia: “As a point of reference for the science fiction genre writer, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America define short story length Nebula Awards for science fiction submission guidelines as having a word count of less than 7,500.”

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