Personnel Director
Rear Admiral Daniel Lerner
Assistant Director
 Fleet Captain Cale Reilly
Second Assistant Director
  Rear Admiral Matthew Kleinman

Welcome to the Personnel Department

Our role is to manage and assist members and new recruits with placements and provide resources for managing the personnel of the ships. We do this in two ways: internally, we provide information on current vacancies, help members find ships for new characters, provide resources to recommend players for more senior positions, and track the commendations given to our members for their contributions ; externally, we aim to assess each applicant within 72 hours and provide a response: the majority of the time this response is in the form of placement on a ship within the club, though at times we may need to contact the applicants for further information.

Vacancies - Foremost Fleet

USS Ark Angel - 2x eng/sec/sci jo’s and 1x med jo

USS Asimov - JO’s in Medical, Science, Engineering and Security.

SS Bonaventure -MACO CO, MACOs, AO’s-Armory Officers(Ship Security), Med JO, Eng JO’s

USS Manhattan - Sec JOs/Marine Sec JOs, Sci JOs, Eng JOs/OP JOs,Med JOs, Nurse,Medic

USS Memorial - 2 x Med JOs, 2x Eng JOs, 1x Intel JO 2x Sci JOs, Chief Engineer

Vacancies - Pioneer Fleet

USS Athena - JOs in all departments (except medical), Lounge Host

USS Atlantis - JOs all depts, Swings

USS Dresden -CSO, and JOs in all departments

USS Ogawa - JOs and Swings

Outpost 42 - No Vacancies

Vacancies - Meridian Fleet

USS Brian A. Olinski - tbc

USS Chernov - CNS

USS Odin - 2x Sci JOs, 2x Eng JOs, 1x Sec JOs and Swings

USS Saracen -JOs in Security, Engineering and Science.

Vacancies - Black Fleet

USS Europa - tbc

USS Genesis- JOs all departments

USS Merrimack- Contact CO directly for vacancies.

Oed V -tbc

USS Olympic - tbc

USS Wolverine - JOs all departments

Vacancies - Infinite Fleet

USS Chimera - JOs all departments

USS Constellation- Chief Engineer, Chief Jello Operations, Chief of Waste Management, JOs all departments and Swings of all sorts.

Starbase Magellan -Chief Diplomatic Officer, Strategic Operations Officer, Chief Science Officer, ALL JOs, Shop keepers and civilians.

USS Viking- one engineering Jo

Vacancies - Academy

Command - None at this time

Department Head- None at this time

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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Rear Admiral Daniel Lerner Personnel Director Daniel Lerner
Rear Admiral Matthew "Salmon" Kleinman Second Assistant Personnel Director Human Matthew Kleinman
Fleet Captain Cale Reilly Assistant Personnel Director Cale Reilly
Captain Amanda "Serval" Mercer Personnel Department Staff Amanda Mercer
Lieutenant Commander Janice B. Personnel Department Staff Janice B.

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