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Posted May 27, 2019, 11:45 a.m. by Rear Admiral Daniel Lerner (Personnel Director) (Daniel Lerner)

The Personnel Department and the Academy are jointly creating a temporary taskforce regarding New Member materials. The taskforce’s mandate is as follows, which has been jointly approved by the Personnel Department and the Academy.


The objective of the taskforce is to review all materials made available to new members and make recommendations to ensure:

  • The materials are all up-to-date

  • The materials are all consistent

  • There is no unnecessary overlap of content

  • The materials is informative, understandable and can be read quickly in the circumstances

  • There is no “information overload”

The taskforce may also make recommendations for the introduction of new materials, including drafting or preparing new materials and different formats of materials (such as video tutorials).

The taskforce is intended to be temporary at this time, and should have all recommendations made and responded to by the end of the current Presidential term (end of November 2019).


The taskforce will be responsible for reviewing all materials and related procedures for new members, including but not limited to:

  • The FAQ

  • The landing screen for STF

  • The information available when registering

  • The placement email sent by the PDept

  • The Player’s Handbook

  • The emails sent by mentors

  • Procedures and emails sent by COs to new members

  • Content of the Academy courses (other than DH, XO and CO courses)

The scope includes making any recommendations for changing any of the above materials, removing any of the above materials, merging any of the above materials, or adding to the above materials.

Recruitment, accountability and oversight

The taskforce will be accountable to both the Personnel Department and the Academy. The taskforce membership must be approved of by both the Personnel Director and the Academy Commandant. If any member loses the confidence of either the Personnel Director or the Academy Commandant, they can no longer be on the taskforce.

The taskforce shall provide monthly updates to the Personnel Director and Academy Commandant.

Any recommendation regarding content maintained by the Personnel Department shall not be acted on without permission of the Personnel Director. Any recommendation regarding content maintained by the Academy shall not be acted on without permission of the Academy Commandant. If a recommendation is – in whole or in part – to ensure consistency of the content, the Personnel Director and Academy Commandant shall consult with each other prior to making any decision about the recommendation.

Taskforce leadership and membership

The taskforce shall be lead by a member that meets the following qualifications:

  • Served at least one term in the cabinet

  • Extensive mentorship experience

  • Familiarity with most of the materials in question

The taskforce lead shall be assisted by at least two members. One of those taskforce members must be someone with mentorship experience and ideally CO experience (XO experience at a minimum). Another taskforce member shall be a member with no more than six months experience, who has demonstrated they will not go AWOL.

All taskforce members shall be appointed jointly by the Academy Commandant and the Personnel Director

The taskforce lead may recommend to the Personnel Director and Academy Commandant additional taskforce members.

Daniel Lerner
Personnel Director
(and also on behalf of Kat Dedul, Academy Commandant)

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