Liam Schoepp

Account Information
  • Username: CrazyCog
  • Discord name(s):
  • Member since: June 23, 2018
  • Member rank: Lieutenant Commander
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Amze Ezma USS Constellation Civilian Ambassador AWOL (41)
Stephen Binns Oed V Civilian Head of the Chamber of Commerce AWOL (37)
SEAI USS Atlantis Lieutenant Commander Counselor (incoming XO) AWOL (12)
Mr. Snuggles Outpost 42 Gamemaster Gamemaster OK (2)
Your Bestest Friend USS Memorial GM OK (2)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Shari Binns Oed V Civilian Wife of HotCoC
Ekaterina Artemovich Oed V Civilian Mercenary
Unassigned Characters

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