Jennifer Ward

Account Information
  • Username: JW1116
  • Discord name(s): Cpt Kelpie #5610
  • Member since: Sept. 4, 1999
  • Member rank: Captain
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Revna Freya McKenzie USS Manhattan Civilian Diplomatic Attache OK (3)
Alexis Bonner USS Ogawa Lieutenant Scientist, Medical Researcher OK (0)
Cara Esmé O’Farrell USS Atlantis Lieutenant Counselor / Education Specialist AWOL (5)
Hannah Lori Asimina USS Saracen Lieutenant Doctor OK (2)
Brenna Neenna Atoded USS Constellation Lieutenant Commander Chief of Pets & 2nd Officer (COP) AWOL (8)
Karina Enger Oed V Civilian Director of Education OK (3)
Jennifer Ward Meridian Station Captain Assistant Fleet Commander
Bethany Kovra Gadi USS Asimov Lieutenant Commander Chief of Security OK (2)
Frigga USS Ogawa Thera-pet
Rende Asam USS Viking Captain Captain OK (1)
Rand Farquharson USS Sentinel Ensign Yeoman First Class OK (0)
Shedda Mal'athar USS Manhattan Commander Executive Officer AWOL (3)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Sharah Fayth USS Viking Lieutenant Junior Grade Medical
Runa Siff Edman USS Manhattan Civilian Teacher
Helena Laursen USS Constellation Lieutenant Junior Grade Body Fixer Upper (BFU)
Jennifer Ward The Command Ship Captain AFComm, Meridian Fleet
Ragna Idun McKenzie Oed V Civilian Future Citizen
Cassandra Klrin of House Ke’dass USS Constellation Civilian Person Who Really Keeps the CO In Line (Wife)
Unassigned Characters

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