James Sinclair

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  • Username: Kane
  • Discord name(s): Kane, Rhino
  • Member since: May 24, 2017
  • Member rank: Commodore
Gamemaster Information

Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Alexander Cochrane USS Manhattan Fleet Captain Commanding Officer OK (0)
Xam Ra'Ti USS Sentinel Lieutenant Tactical Officer OK (0)
Dr. Royal Sinclair USS Ogawa Commander Executive Officer OK (0)
Gravel Mardusk USS Atlantis Lieutenant Commander Chief of Security OK (2)
Daggum Hammor USS Athena Lieutenant Commander Chief Engineer OK (0)
Dr. Solomon Kane USS Ogawa Lieutenant Commander Research & Development
Micah Pikelsimer USS Asimov Civilian Federation Security Agent
Krin "Hannibal" Lardel USS Chimera Lieutenant Colonel Commander, Air Group (CAG) OK (0)
Alias Smith N. Jones, Esq. USS Asimov Gamemaster Gamemaster AWOL (8)
Kenzo B'tren-Hyrushi Oed V Civilian Governor OK (0)
Kad'n Rul IRW Rovarran Lieutenant Commander Chief Of Warbird Control AWOL (8)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Karilan Massat Oed V Civilian Owner, Quill and Parchment Books
Kodek Vonn Oed V Civilian Colonial Intelligence Agent
Charles Tenkiller Oed V Major General Vice Commandant, Colonial Customs and Defense Agency
Jason Reilly Oed V Civilian Assistant Director - Colonial Intelligence Agency
Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc Oed V Civilian Klingon Warrior
Janusz Korczak Oed V Commander Counselor
Char'les Harv USS Manhattan Civilian Officer's Mess Chef
Michael 'Big Mike' McKenzie Oed V Civilian Clan McKenzie Chief
Racheal "Bubbles" Mathis USS Atlantis Civilian Bartender - Mike's Place
Seamus McKenzie Oed V Civilian Future Citizen
Capall McKenzie Oed V Civilian Colonial Intelligence Agent
James Sinclair The Command Ship Fleet Captain EGO
Dorma Fen Oed V Civilian Governor's Assistant
Griget Kek Oed V Civilian Vren Ambassador
Unassigned Characters

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