David Shotton

Account Information
  • Username: Keivar
  • Discord name(s): Keivar
  • Member since: April 10, 2016
  • Member rank: Commodore
David is on a Leave of Absence
  • Expected return date: July 27, 2021
  • Reason for LOA: Holiday
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Dante Knight USS Saracen Captain Commanding Officer LOA 2021-07-27 (3)
Mason Black USS Odin Commander Executive Officer LOA 2021-07-27 (3)
Ethan Nash USS Atlantis Lieutenant Commander Chief Tactical Officer LOA 2021-07-27 (10)
Max Wynter USS Manhattan Lieutenant Commander Chief Engineer / 2nd Officer LOA 2021-07-27 (3)
Duncan Rhodes USS Wolverine Lieutenant Chief Science Officer LOA 2021-07-27 (2)
Atticus Wolf Oed V Civilian Property Investor / Developer LOA 2021-07-27 (4)
Rovan Moor USS Asimov Lieutenant Chief Engineer LOA 2021-07-27 (14)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Devon Rand USS Atlantis Lieutenant Intelligence Officer
Akirel Ros USS Leviathan Lieutenant Commander Consultant Researcher (Engineering)
K'vorth, Lord Cleric of House Duroc Oed V Civilian Klingon Warrior
Unassigned Characters

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