Melissa Aragon

Account Information
  • Username: LlewelPendragon
  • Discord name(s): LlewellPendragon#7076
  • Member since: June 24, 2018
  • Member rank: Fleet Captain
Melissa is on a Leave of Absence
  • Expected return date: Aug. 7, 2021
  • Reason for LOA: None
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Arialla Bovar SS Bonaventure Captain Captain LOA 2021-08-07 (4)
Karina Niles USS Athena Ensign Doctor LOA 2021-08-07 (7)
Pretha Oberon USS Manhattan Lieutenant Security Officer / CRIT Leader LOA 2021-08-07 (7)
Toveka Brine Outpost 42 Lieutenant Chief Science Officer LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Alexandra "Little Sehlat" Primage USS Brian A. Olinski Lieutenant Pilot. Grn Squad Ldr LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Ush'ast Rah-Triton USS Saracen Lieutenant Chief of Security LOA 2021-08-07 (10)
Kalika Darz USS Viking Lieutenant Security Officer LOA 2021-08-07 (9)
Tiastri Ezial USS Merrimack Lieutenant Chief Engineer LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Ka'Lissi Rosh USS Odin Lieutenant Chief Engineer LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Brianna “Bree” O'Harra Oed V Civilian Head of Mining Operations LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Char'kat Morden Outpost 42 Civilian Operations LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Auleraine Brison USS Atlantis Lieutenant Engineering Officer LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Kadence Argona USS Wolverine Lieutenant Counselor LOA 2021-08-07 (15)
Mazhari Allendor USS Ark Angel Lieutenant Junior Grade Engineering Officer LOA 2021-08-07 (14)
Danora Allance USS Memorial Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert LOA 2021-08-07 (14)
Priscilla Simms USS Dresden Lieutenant Chief Science Officer LOA 2021-08-07 (14)
Melissa Aragon Starbase 243 Captain FComm
Juliet Anders USS Leviathan Ensign Security Officer / RTF LOA 2021-08-07 (14)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Kristiana O’Larria USS Viking Ensign Engineering Officer
Melissa Aragon The Command Ship Fleet Captain Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet
Unassigned Characters

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