Trinity Fister

Account Information
  • Username: LogicBringsWisdom
  • Discord name(s): Trin_Fister
  • Member since: June 23, 2018
  • Member rank: Lieutenant Commander
Trinity is on a Leave of Absence
  • Expected return date: Sept. 15, 2019
  • Reason for LOA: Medical leave.
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Eshrallias sh’Vheris USS Dresden Lieutenant Commander Chief Science Officer
Elmira O’Shea USS Saracen Lieutenant Chief Tactical Officer
Ta’lahali Akera Beveres USS Viking Lieutenant Counsellor
Jharaas zh'Shiavik(LOA) SS Bonaventure Lieutenant MACO CO
Echego Em'ujo USS Ogawa Ensign Educator
Lissan Zenobia USS Memorial Lieutenant Junior Grade Counselor
Kasmira Kassidine Oed V Civilian FSA Agent
Unassigned Characters

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