J Ridgley

Account Information
  • Username: MintyNarwhal
  • Discord name(s): MintyNarwhal/Capt Narwhal
  • Member since: May 11, 2020
  • Member rank: Captain
    Captain rank on a red uniform.
Gamemaster Information

Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Oliver Loughty USS Leviathan Commander Executive Officer OK (1)
J Ridgley Starbase 157 Commodore Assistant Fleet Commander
Vega Dal USS Chimera Ensign Engineer OK (1)
Narwhal the nefarious USS Atlantis GMT
Elijah Mercer Oed V Civilian Professor / Scientific Advisor OK (0)
Tobias Rax USS Saracen Ensign Science Officer OK (1)
Vincent Yancey USS Challenger Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer OK (0)
Jonathon DeLaney USS Ark Angel Lieutenant Junior Grade Incoming Chief Engineer Officer OK (1)
Liam O’Connor USS Asimov Ensign Engineer OK (3)
Zekk, Son of Quork USS Wolverine Petty Officer Operations Specialist/Helm OK (3)
Aiden Voss USS Memorial Captain Commanding Officer OK (0)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Kala Gorvel USS Leviathan Ensign Anomaly Researcher
Dr. Abbey Wyatt PhD USS Leviathan Civilian Civilian Scientist
Andromeda Lykaios USS Memorial Ensign Scientist
Luke Wyatt USS Leviathan Mar. Captain RTF Officer
Atos Sh'qyrin USS Leviathan Ensign RTF Officer
Octavia Raain USS Leviathan Ensign Doctor
Jake Ridgley White Sands Tester
Asher Miller USS Memorial Lieutenant Counselor
One Step forward, Two Steps Back USS Leviathan PRISM
Hazel Loughty USS Leviathan Civilian Civilian
Elara Thompson Oed V Lieutenant Star Fleet Operations Officer
Tovar Michaels Oed V Civilian Journalist
Maizie USS Memorial Ships AI
Marcus "Orion" Reynolds USS Memorial Lieutenant Junior Grade Pilot
Unassigned Characters

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