Sarah Hemenway

Account Information
  • Username: eagle15
  • Discord name(s): eagle15
  • Member since: Jan. 11, 2001
  • Member rank: Rear Admiral
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Adeline McGill USS Asimov Ensign Medical Officer OK (5)
Jessica Lemann USS Athena Lieutenant Junior Grade Doctor OK (2)
Anastasia Darren USS Ogawa Lieutenant Chief of Psychiatry OK (2)
Sarah Hemenway Personnel Department Rear Admiral Second Assistant Personnel Director
Kate Trent Starbase Magellan Lieutenant Strategic Operations Officer OK (2)
Katie Nunn USS Ark Angel Lieutenant Commander Chief Counseling Officer OK (2)
Sarah Hemenway The Command Ship Rear Admiral Vice President
Emmeline Davis USS Challenger Captain Commanding Officer OK (2)
Katelyn Jacobs USS Chimera Fleet Captain Commanding Officer OK (2)
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
Sarah Hemenway Engineering Department Captain Engineering Director
Unassigned Characters

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