Russell Watt

Account Information
  • Username: rwatt
  • Discord name(s):
  • Member since: April 27, 2006
  • Member rank: Commodore
Gamemaster Information
Russell is on a Leave of Absence
  • Expected return date: April 7, 2021
  • Reason for LOA: Python programming and Essay writing
Actions Available
Rostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position Status
Taw Yllek USS Atlantis Crewman Nurse AWOL (11*)
Dum and Dee Tweedle USS Constellation Lieutenant Chief of Keeping The Ship Together (CE) AWOL (11*)
Max Church USS Sentinel Ensign Nurse AWOL (11*)
Eric, the half a Trib USS Constellation Gamemaster GamesMaster AWOL (11*)
Rauður Bolurson USS Sentinel Ensign Security AWOL (11*)
Garion 'Oz' Rivanson USS Ogawa Ensign Security Officer AWOL (11*)
Leslie Dean (Xorem) USS Leviathan Civilian Anomalous Individual
Unrostered Characters
Character Ship Rank Position
John-King McKenzie USS Atlantis Civilian Bartender
Russell Watt The Command Ship Commodore Public Nuisance for Life
Reading Tribble Ten Forward Pagemaster
Russell Watt Engineering Department Commodore Assistant Engineering Director
Audrey II USS Ogawa Plant/Philosopher/Groovy Chick
Unassigned Characters

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