GM CockRoach

Sim Title: Space Echoes

Sim Description: More To Come!!

Drudoc Andone

Brief your staff!!

Sifeda Itri

Be ready for anything!

//New Row

Zubreana Azon

Get moving on those subspace pulses!

Kyle Anders

Go side sim!

//New Row


Support the XO I guess?

Gavin Stacey

Get moving on tending the wounded in sickbay 3!

Kaden Buchanan

Get going on vacuuming the fire filled deck sections!

Away Team

Orders To Come

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Commodore Drudoc Andone Commanding Officer Romulan 148 6'2 169lbs Robert Archer OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Sifeda Itri Executive Officer Human/Romulan 35 5'7" 145 lbs Mika Jackson OK (0)
Lieutenant Kyle Anders Chief Security Officer Human 22 5''8 190 lbs Kieron Hoult OK (3)
Lieutenant Marlaa Chief Counseling Officer Half Romulan 28/84 5' 9" 195 lbs Melissa Aragon OK (2)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Gavin Stacey Chief Medical Officer Human 22 6'1'' 170 lbs Ray Branch OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaden Buchanan Chief Engineering Officer Human 24 5'9" 180 lb Clayton Strong OK (0)
Ensign Johnathan Baptiste Medical Officer Human 28 5'10" (178 cm) 175 pounds (79.37 kg) Christopher Huskins OK (0)
Ensign Demil Lis Science Officer Trill 21 5'5" 130 lbs Amdirgol S OK (0)
Ensign Thomas Buckingham Medical Officer Human 35 6'4 " 170 lbs Steve Alliss OK (0)

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