GM CockRoach

Sim Title: Speedy Delivery

Sim Description: The USS Ark Angel has several of her large cargo bays filled with physical letter messages, boxed objects, and the like to be transported to a Federation colony who's culture shuns higher forms of technology unless emergencies require it.

Drudoc Andone

Brief your staff!!

Ciaran Donoghuei

Study the shard from the cow!


Contact the CO to apply!

Kyle Anders

Study the shard from the cow!


Assist in tracking down the Wolves!

Gavin Stacey

Study the shard from the cow!

Kaden Buchanan

Study the shard from the cow!

Away Team

Orders To Come

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Commodore Drudoc Andone Commanding Officer Romulan 148 6'2 169lbs Robert Archer OK (2*)
Lieutenant Kyle Anders Chief Security Officer Human 22 5''8 190 lbs Kieron Hoult OK (1)
Lieutenant Talyn Kree Chief Counseling Officer Human 29 5'6" 135 lbs D Grisham OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Gavin Stacey Chief Medical Officer Human 23 6'1'' 170 lbs Ray Branch OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaden Buchanan Outgoing Chief Engineering Officer Human 24 5'9" 180 lb Clayton Strong OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jonathon DeLaney Incoming Chief Engineer Officer Human 30 5"6' 88kgs J Ridgley OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Mor Chief Science Officer Vulcan 40 yrs 162.5 cm (About 5ft 4in) 50 kg (About 110lb) Ava Henson OK (3)
Ensign Tak Science Officer Pipini 30 yrs 90 lbs 4'6" Riley W OK (0)
Ensign Luna Security Officer Human/avian 25 5’6 100 Christina Crafford OK (0*)
Ensign Thomas Buckingham Medical Officer Human 35 6'4 " 170 lbs Steve Alliss OK (1)
Ensign Emily Bradford Engineering Officer Joined Trill 25 5'2" 110 Tyra Schroll OK (3*)

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