GM CockRoach

Sim Title: Watchers From On High

Sim Description: The Ark Angel is being sent to observe a nearly FTL capable human society with the intention that if they reach it First Contact is made.

Drudoc Andone

Prepare for heroics!!

Jasmijn DeVries

The ship is still in one piece right??


Check over our temporal sensors and labs!!


Is today a good day to die?

Christopher Emmitt

Who let the Engineers out unsupervised?

Tiglath Ashur

Get security teams prepped for engagement with these 'Black Serpents'!!


Do we have sanity? Make sure we got sanity!

Away Team

None at present!!

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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone CO Romulan 6'2 169lbs Robert Archer OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Jasmijn DeVries XO Human/Klingon 6'1 160lbs Trinity Fister Late (3)
Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor Chief Operations Officer Betazoid/Human 5'9'' 165 lbs Ray Branch LOA (6)
Lieutenant Sadie Chief Science Officer Galdori (Arwan) 100 cm 20 kgs Miriam W OK (0)
Lieutenant Chris Emmitt Chief Engineer Human 190 lbs 6'2" Michael McDowell OK (2)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Trax Elbrun Suder Chief Medical Officer Betazoid 5'11" 210 lbs. David Robinson Jr OK (0)
Ensign Simon Starr Security Officer Human 5'11 182lbs Ben Simons OK (2)
Ensign Zemta Kriv Engineering Officer Bajoran Katy Darrah OK (6)

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