GM CockRoach

Sim Title: The Change

Sim Description: The USS Ark Angel is sent on a Search & Rescue mission into the dangerous area of space known as The Warrens. What will they find there? Or will they only become the next lost ship to this region?

Drudoc Andone

Brief your staff!!

Masi Dirida

XO update your box here

V’alura Belmont

Dig up information on The Warrens


Orders To Come!


Study the limited information on The Warrens and the SS Synthesis

Kyle Anders

Dig up information on The Warrens


Eval the crew's mental health!

Away Team

Orders To Come

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Commodore Drudoc Andone Commanding Officer Romulan 148 6'2 169lbs Robert Archer AWOL (3)
Lieutenant Commander Masi Dirida Executive Officer Betazoid 32 5’9” 144 lbs Sam Pennington AWOL (4)
Lieutenant Miz'uki Chief Engineer Caitian 30 *Human Equivalent 5' 10" 150 Lbs Kirt Gartner AWOL (7)
Lieutenant Kyle Anders Chief Of Security Human 22 5''8 190 lbs Kieron Hoult OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade V'alura Belmont Chief Science Officer Vulcan-Human Hybrid 49 6'0" (182cm) 160lbs (72kg) Abigail G OK (1*)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mykl Najjar Chief Counseling Officer Human 30 5'7" 135 lbs D Grisham AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ella Lokaa Science Officer Elasian 24 5ft 9" 145 lbs J Ridgley OK (0)
Ensign Demil Lis Science Officer Trill 20 5'5" 130 lbs Amdirgol S LOA 2022-01-29 (10)
Ensign Jordy Kleine Security Officer Human 19 1.84 m 84 kg Jordy Kleine OK (4)
Ensign Ashley Logan Security Officer Trill 27 5'6 157 Christopher Logan OK (2)
Ensign Michael Edward Enik Engineering Officer Human 26 5' 10" 185 lb Mike Muszynski AWOL (12)
Ensign Katherine (Katie) Hobbes Engineering Officer Human 22 years 5 ft 4 in 125 pounds S. Kimmel OK (5)
Ensign Trax Elbrun Suder Medical Officer Betazoid 28 5'11" 210 lbs. David Robinson Jr OK (4)
Ensign Gavin Stacey Medical Officer Human 22 6'1'' 170 lbs Ray Branch OK (4)

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