GM CockRoach

Sim Title: Far From Home

Sim Description: The USS Ark Angel has encountered the mysterious Q! What devilish plots await the ship and crew to come?

Drudoc Andone

Uh Oh We've Encountered A Q!!

Nivor Rhansi

We still have a job to do, Q or no Q.

Sharah Fayth

Scan the local system!

Hayley Marshall

Compile the local health report!


Figure out a way back home!

Joseph Rainns

Scan the system for threats!

Dinui xi'Indrai

Eval the crew's mental health!

Away Team

Orders To Come

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone Commanding Officer Romulan 148 6'2 169lbs Robert Archer OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Nivor Rhansi Executive Officer Barzan 42 1.76m 72.6kg Nathan Miller OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor Chief Operations Officer Betazoid/Human 24 5'10'' 170 lbs Ray Branch OK (1)
Lieutenant Miz'uki Chief Engineer Caitian 30 *Human Equivalent 5' 10" 150 Lbs Kirt Gartner OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall Chief Medical Officer Human 24 5'2 125 Amie Genest AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph Rainns Chief Of Security Human 25 5'9 150 Samuel Stroud OK (0*)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth Chief Science Officer Betazoid 22 5'2" 126 Jennifer Ward OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi'Indrai Chief Counseling Officer Andorian 27 5'2" 120 lbs. Cassa D LOA 2021-04-20 (43)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mazhari Allendor Engineering Officer Human/Andorian 21 5' 9" 195 lb Melissa Aragon AWOL (12)
Ensign Tabris Asam Engineering Officer El-Aurian 418 5'9" 225 Brian Richards OK (4)
Ensign Caelian Weir Engineering Officer Human 25 (Terran Standard) 5’ 5” (165.1cm) 173lbs (78.47kg) Jason Wolfe OK (3)
Ensign Trax Elbrun Suder Medical Officer Betazoid 28 5'11" 210 lbs. David Robinson Jr OK (3)
Ensign Ashley Logan Security Officer Trill 27 5'6 157 Christopher Logan AWOL (10)

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