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It was several hours later and the Ark Angel had left their dock at Starbase 243. They were now on their way to their destination when Drudoc comm called all departments =/\= Attention all department heads please report to the bridge and report your findings for cultural study=/\=

GM Cockroach

Lieutenant Trainor made his way to the Bridge but since he played support so far, the Operations Chief would let the CE take lead on what they found. Waiting for the rest to show up, Tenzing walked over to his station to check up on the ship’s various systems.

Lt Trainor

Chris peeked around as he arrived on the bridge just taking somewhat of a sight inventory on where everyone was and who was on the bridge. Stepping off the turbolift he walk down towards the Captain to give his report. “Good afternoon Captain, I haven’t really been able to gain as much progress into my research as I wanted .. due to the current distance to the planet, but I did manage to go through the logs that the probe has been able to provide. As previously mentioned in the briefing there were two possible methods of FTL travel that this civilization has been experimenting with. I tried to determine which was most likely to be used, but .. it seems like it’s going to end up in an old fashioned race. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had two simultaneous tests once we arrive!” Chris scratched the side of his wrist as he held the PaDD in the other.

“The two different methods are either an anti-matter reaction similar to our warp drive, though my concern is they don’t seem to have a stabilization medium like our dilithium matrix .. they may have something different in place, or perhaps they just don’t know the dangerous of using an unregulated plasma injection system for their warp core. They other system on the other hand seems to be the safer of the two, however it’s quite limited in it’s use and consists of high-yield fusion batteries to power short range ‘jumps’ which are very quick in getting to the destination, but require a good amount of telemetry in order to precisely calculate where they will end up in the jump. If miss-calculated, they could easily end up in the middle of a moon or stray asteroid. They would also be limited to the amount of power that their fusion batteries can hold until they’re recharged..” Chris shifted in anticipation as he continued, “One we get closer though Captain, I should be able to scan their local networks to see if I can find more details or blueprints for their test vessel or vessels.

Lt. (jg) Chris Emmitt (CE)

Tiglath arrived on the bridge and assumed his station. He wasn’t happy. There wasn’t much that he could find, and that what he did find was to perfect. He hated perfection, because it was never perfect. After his standard checks, he looked up at Chris, following along as he spoke.


Kalitta gathered what little information availble to her and Trax abot the species. “Trax sickbay is yours, I’m on my way to the bridge to report our findings.” She exited sickbay without hearing Traxe’s reply. Tentiens were high between her and Trax and Kalitta was having a dificult time finding comon ground.

Entering the turbolift she commanded the lift to take her to the bridge. When the doors opened up to reveial the bridge she noticed that many of the other department heads had already arrived. Kalita then made her way to wards the command station and sat down in the open seat to the left of the captain.

Kalitta waited for the others to give their report and awaited the captain to acknolidge her.

“Captain there was very little information for me to report on. There is no known illnesses, no known radiation leaks, the general population appears to be in good health. I won’t be able to get more information untill we make first contact.” Kalitta paused. “However they do appear to be a distant relitive to humans their DNA matches with a 78% relitive match.”

Lt.Cmdr - Kalitta - CMO

Sadie almost stumbled onto the bridge, rushing into the room. She listened to the CMO giving the information she had gathered, then opened her mouth to share what she had gathered. “It’s a very peaceful civilization, Captain. They really like seashells, and there isn’t really a lot of chatter regarding the upcoming launch. It seems the population isn’t particularly excited or worried about it. Their language is similar to Babylonian.”


Tenzing wondered why the population wouldn’t be excited about the launch; this would be a huge milestone for them, if it was successful. The Operations Chief made note to create some sort of seashell trinket for the local populace if first contact was to be made.


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