Main Sim - Bridge - Arrival at the Yellek System

Posted Jan. 21, 2019, 8:29 p.m. by Lieutenant Tenzing Trainor (Chief Operations Officer) (Ray Branch)

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”..It seems we have some questions to get answered then upon our arrival by further study.” She said taking in the reports. “..Helm set course for the system warp 6..”

At her order the Ark Angel came about and lept to warp for their destination ETA 4 hours.

Four hours later the Ark Angel dropped from warp outside their target of the Yellek system taking cover within the thick Ort cloud at the system’s border to mask their approach into the system behind a large comet fragment. “..Steady as she goes helm.” She said. “..All departments lets begin a full range of cultural inputs and scans I want a full up to the minute report on current happenings on Yellek 3 in the hour.” She said.

So far on scans no sign of FTL capable craft were present though some space structures were in orbit of the third planet as primitive space stations. All were being powered by fusion batteries/reactors.

Lieutenant Trainor finished up his scans and sent them over to science and engineering for more analysis.

From where she stood on the bridge, some of the officers towering over her, even when sitting, Delarosa nodded. “Is there anything in specific you’ll be needing from the psychiatric department, Captain?” She assumed there would be a close eye kept on the culture they were meeting, in order to watch for any signs of hostility or changes in behaviour that could result in unfortunate consequences. Although, these were but assumptions, and those weren’t the best to run off of.

”..Get your staff to pipe into their cultural channels and news briefs get a feel for up to the minute whats going on on their planet. Same for everyone else in your departments..” She said for the other DH’s

Not seconds after the counselor had spoken, Jasmijn stepped silently onto the bridge. She assumed their sudden drop from warp meant they were edging closer to the system. Stepping down to stand a bit away from the Captain, she forcibly held her tongue, knowing the counselor had probably been addressing Androne, judging from what she had heard.

”..Ah Commander welcome to the bridge, I trust you settled in during our trip here?” she asked.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

“Appears as if these stations orbiting the third planet are being powered by fusion reactors, Captain.” Tenzing piped up. “Though I’m not seeing any of our target crafts on sensors.”

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