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So far on scans no sign of FTL capable craft were present though some space structures were in orbit of the third planet as primitive space stations. All were being powered by fusion batteries/reactors.

Lieutenant Trainor finished up his scans and sent them over to science and engineering for more analysis.

From where she stood on the bridge, some of the officers towering over her, even when sitting, Delarosa nodded. “Is there anything in specific you’ll be needing from the psychiatric department, Captain?” She assumed there would be a close eye kept on the culture they were meeting, in order to watch for any signs of hostility or changes in behavior that could result in unfortunate consequences. Although, these were but assumptions, and those weren’t the best to run off of.

”..Get your staff to pipe into their cultural channels and news briefs get a feel for up to the minute whats going on on their planet. Same for everyone else in your departments..” She said for the other DH’s

“Right away, Captain.” Roux gently inclined her head, stepping back to relay the order to her small staff of psychiatrists.

Not seconds after the counselor had spoken, Jasmijn stepped silently onto the bridge. She assumed their sudden drop from warp meant they were edging closer to the system. Stepping down to stand a bit away from the Captain, she forcibly held her tongue, knowing the counselor had probably been addressing Andone, judging from what she had heard.

”..Ah Commander welcome to the bridge, I trust you settled in during our trip here?” she asked.

“Thank you.” Jasmijn returned, facing Drudoc. “That I have.. a fine ship, the Ark Angel is. You must be proud, sir.”

”..That she is, one of the finest, with an even finer crew..” Drudoc said.

“Appears as if these stations orbiting the third planet are being powered by fusion reactors, Captain.” Tenzing piped up. “Though I’m not seeing any of our target crafts on sensors.”

”..Noted keep scanning on all broad spectrum, try looking for dilthium deposits…” she suggested.

Tugging her attention from the Captain, Jasmijn furrowed her eyebrows. “Have you checked long-range scanners; is it possible they could be outside of our general sensor reach?” She offered to them.

Tiglath stood at his station and checked the tactical sensors. He didn’t like this ‘Utopia’ society. Nothing is perfect, nothing is as what it seems. He didn’t see anything either, and that bothered him. He kept it to himself though as he ran through some scans. He decided to try a tachylon scan.

Tachyon scans turned up nothing in the realm of cloaked or stealthed ships or other sources.

Kalitta sat silently to the captains left, taking in what everyone was saying. Unfortunately there was very little for her or her department to do. They were already prepping for any medical assistance that the planet may require. But Tiglath was right about a Utopian society. Nothing is ever so perfect.

Suddenly as the scans were happening on the far side of the system from where they were a blip was picked up, one of a low warp burst! This was followed a moment later by a 2nd both now targeted on long range scans showed two small arrow shaped craft moving away from the system at warp 1.1 and warp 1.3 respectively before stopping a light year away and turning about.

“Picking up low warp signatures on the far side, Captain.” Lieutenant Trainor called out. “Looks like they’re stopping..... and now turning around......” The Operations Chief said in a lower tone.

Then after a moment or two another energy pulse was seen from both ships and signs were evident that some kind of accident had occurred with their engines. Faint radio transmissions were picked up seeming like some kind of distress call but the signals were too weak plus too far from their home system for rescue to come from the Yellek people.

Tenzing noticed an energy pulse coming from the ships, and put it on screen. “Captain, it appears these ships may be in trouble.... engines most likely.” He stated. “I’m also picking up a few radio transmissions coming from the ship, but we’re too far out to hear what they’re saying. Plus I doubt the planet is picking up the transmissions at all.”

”..Try to boost the signal see if you can get a language fix to see if its a call for help..” She said.

Turning to Kalitta, “..Lieutenant get your staff prepped in case we go in for a rescue..” She added.

Kalitta sat anxious as to what could have happened to the ship. She thought she should make her way to sick bay but she also wanted to hear further confirmation about what happened from the rest of the crew before she jumped the gun, as it could give her insight as to what kind of injuries to expect. She did however have the foresight to call on her staff. =/\= Kalitta to Trax. Please prepare for possible injured. One of the Yellek ships appears to be in trouble. I will join you shortly in sick bay.=/\=

Kalitta stood up. “Captain, if you need me I will be in sickbay prepping for injured.” She then made her way to the turbolift and left the bridge.

Lt.Cmdr - Kalitta - CMO

Sadie sat at the Science station, watching the events with baited breath. She gasped slightly when the accident happened, quietly thanking the gods that there had been no such accident when her people first tried FTL travel. They had been alone, no technologically advanced civilizations sitting off to the side, ready to make contact or rescue if needed. She wondered quietly if the Captain would order them in to rescue the strangers, but of course they would… wouldn’t they?

DeVries watched with a tentative eye, concerned about these people. If their engines were proving hazardous for them, it would be futile to sit aside and do nothing, especially if something happened. Although, these were all speculations of what could be going on. Unless they drew closer, they wouldn’t know whether or not the vessel was truly in the path of danger. “Sir, perhaps we should edge closer. Those radio signals might be the fine line between their endangerment, or whether or not they have it under control.” She glanced to Trainor, before back to the Captain.

”..Agreed Commander, Helm bring us on a wide arc out of the system and hold us 20,000km off their aft quarter, if they are having engine problems that should help mask us from their scans yet if they’re active..” She said.

Tiglath stood at his station. “They have achieved faster the light technology. Prime directive states we can now get involved if we want. But I would suggest that we stay back and watch. See how they respond. It will help us understand their culture and morals.” Tiglath suggested.

”..Given their signals arent reaching their homeworld it would seem it wouldnt matter, plus they have no other ships to help rescue these two..” She said.

As the Ark Angel came within 20,000km of the two triangle shaped ships more details became evident the left one pwoered by a matter-antimatter reaction with crude dilthium was leaking copious amounts of drive plasma power systems were failing and life signs were evident but showed injured. The right hand ship was in better shape but power was offline from a failure of the fusion reactors by some means which had spilled copious amounts of radiation into the engine compartments near the aft end of the ship seemingly killing all there far as they could tell. No signs of shields were evident or weapons charged etc. All in all the left ship showed 20 life signs with another 15 injured to various degrees, the right ship showed 10 life signs in the forward sections of the ship.

Now closer Trainor was able to clear up the signals and with the UT get a translation, it was indeed a form of SOS distress though automated.

“Definitely a SOS signal, Captain…” Trainor called out. “The UT is able to translate their language…”

Once informed of this Drudoc spoke, straightening her uniform out, “..Lieutenant Trainor open a channel all bands audio only, lets see if we can rescue these people, stand by transporters and get security teams to sickbay 1 and 2 to receive the injured and stable..” She said.

=/\= This is Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone of the United Federation of planets starship USS Ark Angel we were in this area of space on mission of peaceful exploration when we picked up your distress signal can be we of assistance?=/\= She said.

After a moment the left ship responded on a crackled channel. =/\= This is engineer Mason Gerald by the Shells above I dont know who you are but if you’re friendly and able to help us please do so. I got only two engineers over here able to keep this engine from going u----=/\= Then there was a sound of crackling and the line burst with static. =/\= By the shores, Captain I cant stand here and talk they need me, help us please! =/\= He said then cut off the line to probably go do something important then talk to aliens he probably was too shocked to fully comprehend with.

Turning Drudoc said.Lieutenant Emmitt take an engineering team to the left ship with Lieutenant Ashur and Lieutenant Trainor and Sadie secure the right hand ship and stabilize both ship’s warp reactions or eject their cores if you need too then get the injured to evac to the Angel for treatment. Commander Kalitta get your staff ready to accept the wounded..” She ordered.

”..Questions? If not lets move it out folks..” She said.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

“No questions captain.” Tiglath replied, He then turned his station over to an NE then headed towards the Turbolift. He tuned to Chris as he walked.

“Lets meet in Transporter room 2.” he suggested.


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