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Leaving his station, the Operations Chief quickly made his way down to the transporter room. The Lieutenant charged over to the equipment locker and pulled out a standard Engineering repair kit, with a few tools that would assist him in stabilizing the alien ship’s software systems. Tenzing made sure to grab a type 1 phaser, which is standard for first contact.

Tiglath arrived a couple minutes later. He was armed with a standard phaser and tricorder. He saw the operations chief and made his way over to him.

“Ready to see what this utopian assignment has in store for us?” He asked curiously.

Chris walked in with an NE in tail carrying one of the Engineering toolkits, not quite a repair kit, but it did have some components to perform some more complex repairs if needed. He nodded towards Tiglath. “What’s the news ..? Hopefully we can at least get one ship in working order .. kinda nervous and excited if I’m honest with myself.” A grin formed on his mouth just thinking about it. Just being able to see the insides of a newly created FTL capable ship sent shivers down his spine, though he could do without the possible imminent death looming overhead. He shook his head as he tried to refocus himself.

“I hope so, but lets keep our eyes open. This society seems to perfect and I don’t like it.” Tiglath replied as he put his hand on his phaser.

Can I be of assistance?

“I’m sure this is going to be anything besides utopian....” Tenzing laughed. Feeling the excitement of the CE, the Lieutenant turned to face him. “I’ll be working on the ship’s computer system, so the engines are all yours.” Lieutenant Trainor chuckled.

“Ahhh Ensign… Myrok, yes?” Tenzing asked the new Ensign. “Has your department head given you any orders, or shall you be joining our team?”

“You know I wouldn’t mind seeing what those engines are capable of and how they put it together! Though judging from what happened to their first vessel … I’d have to guess they haven’t learned about dilithium yet and how it reacts to be able to control the anti-matter reactions..” A look of concern swept over his face. He could understand the pursuit of technology, but adequate testing would be necessary before performing a field test like this. He hoped that he could figure out what was going on to try and stabilize the reactions instead of abandoning their warp core for an explosion that they would need to get clear of.

At this point the two engineering teams filed in to their designated spots.

”..Alright folks looks like we’re in range of both ships if you are heading the left ship you’re up first..” The chief said.

Sadie listened to their doubts about a utopian society, but didn’t add to it. In human terms, her own society could very well be titled as Utopian. Each individual was able to be what or who they wanted to be, and she had not heard of a single war in her history. She stayed back slightly, not wanting to incur in them doubts about her people or her history by sharing that. She waited back for the team going to the left ship to leave, since she was being sent to the right ship.

OOC: Sure! LT Emmit and Ashur with an engineering team are going to the left ship powered by a matter/antimatter reactor, Lt Trainor and Sadie are securing the right hand fusion core driven ship with another team.

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GM CockRoach

“Once the first team leaves the pad we’ll be ready to beam over to the right ship.” Lieutenant Trainor said to Sadie. It was taking a bit longer than usual to get the teams ready, but there was a lot of equipment and precautions before they were able to make first contact.

“We’ve made sure their atmosphere was breathable?” The OPS officer asked, to anyone that was within ear shot.


Sadie nodded slightly. “When we were studying their culture, I checked that kind of thing,” she said softly, her ears flicking back slightly. Her hands wrung slightly. “I’m not sure if the damaged ships will have full atmosphere though,” she voiced her worry.

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