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She turned to the Alien who was leading them around. “Um, I didn’t catch your name, but could you possibly direct me to a computer interface? I want to see if your data-banks have any information on what may have caused the issue. I have education and experience in warp theory, so I might see something that your scientists may have missed. Plus, if I figure out what went wrong, that might help Trainor and the engineers to fix it.”

Scans of the core for Trainor showed a common linkage misalignment in early civilizations that first achieved warp flight it would be ok for a simple speed of warp 1 or so but it seems possible they had tried to go faster which had caused their problems. The alignment issue wouldn’t be hard to fix once they got the core stabilized. A simple plasma shunt and matrix alignment calibrator would be needed but shouldn’t take long.

”..Take your pick! I’m busy trying to keep our core stable and blowing up on us, if I can’t stabilize this in two shellinutes we will have to dump the reaction chamber..” The Yellek chief said to Sadie not rudely but at the least he was stressed.

Sadie stepped over to what looked like a computer access terminal and scanned it with her U.R.I., which worked like a universal translator and an accessibility port for technology. It was mainly used for helping the short scientist access stuff on tall access points on the Ark Angel, but it could be used for this as well. The language of these aliens was known to it, so it was quick work for her to access the surface details of their access terminal.

Accessing the logs showed the issue Trainor was about to explain below. It also confirmed they did try to push the core faster than it was intended at this early of a stage.

“Well there’s the issue…” The Lieutenant said to himself. “Hey buddy, looks like you have a linkage misalignment.” Tenzing paused for a moment to get the Engineer’s attention. “Your core isn’t made to go beyond warp one, and it’s evident that it was being stretched beyond that speed…” The Operations Officer motioned for one of his own Engineers to bring over the required tools, then turned his attention back to the Yellek Chief.

”..Great can you fix it?” He said.

“Once we get the core stabilized, we can align it using the plasma shunt and matrix alignment calibrator.”

”..Great then get on that!” He said. Doing this for Trainor would be child’s play really and wouldnt take him too long thankfully.

While she was at it, Sadie also downloaded language information from the access terminal onto her device. As a linguist, she was fascinated by the nuances of other languages, and took every opportunity to bypass the universal translator and speak the native languages of wherever she was. Of course, that often came with an accent due to her mouth being shaped differently than the natives, but in her experience most people appreciated the effort.

Download of the language profiles didn’t take long for Sadie for later study.

The Lieutenant took a glance over at Sadie before joining the Yellek at the core. He could have easily looked over the alien’s diagnostic of the core, but found running his own scan on how to best stabilize it would save Trainor a lot of time.

“I have Engineers on standby once you and I get this core back in the green.” Tenzing announced. “Once this is finished, what other systems need our help?”

The scans Trainor took showed that aligning with the plasma shunt and matrix alignment calibrator would need to be accessed from a junction near where Trainor was and brought to within a tolerance pulse line of 1.2% higher then what the core was putting out now to stabilize it.

“Hmmm…” Trainor said to himself. Putting his tricorder away, the Ops Officer moved a few feet to his left and motioned for his Engineers to bring along the tools. “I’ll need to put the plasma shunt in first.” The Lieutenant was able to put the shunt into place rather easily, then reach down to pick up the alignment calibrator.

The NE Nodded, “..Aye sir, we’re all set here!” He said

“How long have you guys been working on this project?” Tenzing asked one of the Yellek.

The Yellek Chief turned to Tenzing, “..How long? For this ship about a year or so, the other one almost twice that. Why you ask?” He said, as Trainor’s scans began to show his work aligning the core properly then to start.

Sadie stood off to the side quietly, waiting for Tenzing and his team to get the repairs done.

GM CockRoach

“Just curious, that’s all.” Trainor said as he finished up the calibration process. “Run another diagnostic to see if the core is fine now..” He said, turning to the Yellek Chief. He wanted to make sure the core was stabilized enough to begin repairs on other systems.


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