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”..So you folks must be part of that big ship that saved our collective hides from blowing sky high to the Great Shell beyond.” A Yellek man said off to Sadie’s left he stood about 5‘11 or so and had a slightly tanned complexion compared to the other Yellek present who were all staring a bit more open in surprise and curiosity and maybe a little unease especially for Sadie’s sake. “..Must say you arrived in the nick of timing..” he added.

The small alien nodded slightly. “We certainly are. We were already in the area to witness your first FTL flight, to be honest. I think the original plan was to make first contact after you landed safely… But that did not happen, evidently. Some of the humans are surprised that you guys are so chill about the existence of aliens.” She reflected.

”..Already in the area huh? Hmm..” The Captain seemed to muse, “..As for being so ‘chill’ as you put it it’s more shock I think then who are you both?” He asked.

Sadie jumped slightly in alarm. “Oh, I didn’t… I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Lt. Sadie, chief science offocer on the USS Ark Angel. This is Lieutenant Tenzing Trainor, chief operations officer,” she said with a sheepish smile, her ears pulling back a little.

Sadie, CSO

”..Good to meet you then, I’m Captain Tamberline of the Yellek People’s Prototype ship 2…” He then trailed off realizing how odd that might sound, “..Ah anyhow we’re quite happy to have you save us on behalf of my ship and crew..” He said then.

GM CockRoach

“Helping those in need is part of our grand mission.” Lieutenant Trainor said, as he eyed everything around him. “I’m sure our Captain would like to meet you at one point, or perhaps your government leader?” Tenzing added. Tenzing found it odd that the Yellek were able to so easily hide their shock of meeting a new species, but then again Trainor was able to sense the emotions of most humanoids and animals.


”..Meeting your Captain. Mmm I’ll have to clear it with my superiors I’m sure they will want to meet your Captain before me..” He said. Emotionally there was a mix of emotions coming off the Yellek most of it was curiosity mixed with a healthy dose of caution. It was just then that Trainor and Sadie’s comm units beeped.

GM CockRoach

Sadie’s ears twitched, and she glanced down to her comm unit. “One moment,” she said, turning away from the captain of the Yellek ship. =^=CSO to whoever is hailing?=^=

Sadie, CSO

Trainor nodded at the Yellek Captain’s response and halfway turned towards Sadie’s direction. The Yelleks had every right to be caution, as they are too. “We’re currently be contacted by someone from our crew.” Lieutenant Trainor explained, as to not be rude.


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