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As the dreams fade into the real world as Trax woke up at the smell of food and noticed Raxx was not there as he got up and cleaned up and got dressed and moved to the living area where he saw Raxx making breakfast in his evening gown. “I should change?” Raxx said calmly. “No your fine relax and enjoy this great meal you made for us.” As he took a seat at the table as Raxx followed suit as he placed the final item on the table and took a seat next to Trax as he scooted closer to him and leaned over and gave him a kiss. “Did you sleep well?” Raxx commented with a sly grin.

“I sure did I never felt so content and loved my Imzadi.” Trax said to Raxx even though it felt strange to him. He had lovers and such but this was the first time he felt alive. He thought Roni was the Imxzadi to hi but somehow someway Raxx brought back the fire he thought he had lost for so long. He could see and feel the glow from Raxx and Trax did feel it from himself too.

Moments later the door chime went off. “come in!” Roni arrived for there morning meal and they were all glad not to hear the blasted chime of thanks for the food we eat. He knew things have changed between Raxx and Trax. “Good, now that poison is out of your system you can be yourself again.” Roni said with a smile. as He walked over and gave them both a kiss on the cheek as he sat down across the table from one another.

Roni was glad that they did become as he thought they would a couple. “Well, lets see what we have here.” as Roni looked over the spread of food of all kinds on the table. “Very nice Raxx!! You did a great job on this morning meal.” Roni Smiled with contentment. “Raxx looked at him a long moment before he spoke. “We will need the energy today. We have a lot to do today besides needing energy for our jobs and assignments that need to be done today too…” as Raxx dramatically paused before he spoke again.

Roni filled his plate then started eating. Raxx stood up and moved to the outer side of the table closer to trax and his body and face. as he knelt down towards him as he was about to speak. Trax stopped filling his plate as he felt a shift of thoughts and feelings as Roni smiled.
“And some planning to Imzadi.” Raxx commented as Trax froze like a deer in headlights as the words started to sink in… “Planning…” a long pause. “Oh! By the Four Deities!” “No!” Trax commented. Raxx spoke the word he wanted to here for ages. “Would you do me the honor and move in with me and become my beloved Husband.” Raxx said after hearing the no.

Trax dropped his fork with a loud clang on the table as he looked from Roni and back to Raxx on the floor on one knee proposing. “ Marr..iage?!” Trax Studdered. As he took in a deep breath as the realization of marriage came up. “But I just met you about two weeks ago.” Trax barely got out as He spoke again. “Marry Me!? Marriage.” Trax studdered out again. “Yes Oh, my four deities! Yes!” Trax finally got the words out. Roni looked at both of them as he stood up. “Computer a bottle of champagne and three glasses as the replicator created the items requested. “I guess this is a true celebration.” Roni said as he grabbed three champagne flutes and the bottle then brought it back to the table. As he popped the cork as it sailed across the room pinging off the ceiling and landing on the floor with a few thuds.

Trax pulled Raxx up off the floor and into a large bear hug and a deep kiss on the lips. as he parted in time for the champagne to be poured and a toast from Roni. “Thank you, Roni, for helping me see past the obvious dark points and see the light. And I knew it was you all alone trying to get myself and Raxx together with coaching from you. The matchmaker you are and I know you on a winning streak with no misses yet. And you’re my first Imzadi.” Trax gasped hard. “And now I have two of them?” The realization he had Trax really had two Imzadi’s and did not know it till now. “How was I so blind??” Trax wondered.

“One you had a career and I would not take that away from you and two I noticed the gleam you had for me was with Raxx too.” Roni commented with a happy smile. Raxx looked at Roni and back to Trax. You will always be part of us Roni and the Imzadi !!” Raxx commented. Why don’t we make it an Imzadi Triad Marriage? I know they’re rare but I believe its the right thing for all.” Trax asked as he looked at both of them as he waited silently for the others to answer.

Roni looked at Raxx looked at Roni and then both looked at Trax they did this for a good minute before speaking.


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