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Posted April 8, 2020, 12:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Simon Starr (Executive Officer) (Ben Simons)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Elsewhere - Starr’s Sneaking Around

From all angles it was small, sleek, yet surprisingly well armed and equipped. Having a crew of around 100, it was a modular design suited to anything from simple cargo runs, to straight up pirating raids and combat. Mounting a powerful class-9 equivalent warp core it was a speedy ship both at warp and sublight, armed with an array of Type-9 disurptors and a combination of photon and sometimes plasma bolt torpedoes, and for those who could afford it older stolen plans of a Romulan cloaking device as had been evidenced earlier, it was a ship well suited for its profiles of its operators. Defensively the ship was equally strong, mounting armor plating 3.0cm thick of either stolen Rodium armor like on the older Kearsage or Mariner class cruisers. Or for newer designs 3.5cm thick Duranium ceramic plating. Coupled with a Type-9 equivalent shield system it was no slouch all things considered one on one, and in group operations it could be a deadly opponent.

As for his second effort, the ship he was on had no records of Trax being brought aboard, as for plans the only note he found was that Sueder had been taken by one of the sister ships of the fleet for operations elsewhere. In short Trax was alone on the ship.

GM CockRoach

Simon pondered, unable to find a ship name for the ship that Trax was teleported to, but knowing that there was a sister ship. He walked back out to the transporter room entrance, and checked around the corridor and peeked around the corner, checking to see if the corridor back the way he came was still clear. If it was, he made his way back and down the other corridor, keeping quiet and looking down to the other end of the corridor, to see exactly what he had access to, and who else was around.

Lieutenant Simon Starr, XO

Going back down the corridor and peeking around he saw things were so far clear. Heading further then in the opposite directions from before, he came to another junction a T one in this case, heading left as he peeked he saw lead to a dead end with a pair of large double doors. To the right was a curving corridor with from his angle of view at least two doors in sight one which might be a turbolift. So far things were quiet....

GM CockRoach

Simon checked if there were any consoles that may be able to give him the specifications of the ship he was on, and at least try and find out his current position. He saw the double doors, and thought it may be Engineering, but wanted to make sure. He wanted to check all of his options at the moment, and his survival training was being tested.

He needed to get an idea of what he had available, so he wanted to at least get his bearings so he wasn’t wondering around completely blind on the unfamiliar ship. He now knew that he wouldn’t be able to get to Trax while he was not in control of the ship, and that even if they find Trax, Starr will need to find the ship. He decided his best bet was finding a console with the ship specifications and get his current location so he could work out what he should do next.

Lieutenant Simon Starr, XO

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