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Posted May 10, 2020, 2:01 p.m. by Lieutenant Simon Starr (Executive Officer) (Ben Simons)

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Drudoc turned from her reading of a PADD to address the senior staff who had arrived. She frowned a bit finding the chief medical officer, chief engineer, chief science officer and their counselor were absent. “..We’ll give our missing staff a few more minutes to arrive. Then we’ll begin..” She said.

Drudoc Andone

The doctor came in later than he wishes too he was drawn out and dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and having night mares. “Sorry I am late sir!” Trax commented softly as he made his way to his seat and sat down.

Lt Jg Trax Suder -cmo

Miz’uki ha rushed in at that moment “Sorry I was in a Jefferies tube and had to extricate myself first” she said sitting down at the table


Seeing their Chief science officer was late, Drudoc decided to get things started. “..Alright every take your seats if you havent..” She said.

Once every one was seated Drudoc cued up a holoprojection of an alien like arrow point shaped station.

OOC: Exactly like this

”..This is a station of an alien culture of the Cymkonian people. They’re recent members of the Federation near to the Federation-Romulan border, and setup to celebrate an orbital station of advanced research built around an artificial singularity core. Two hours ago we received a message for assistance from the station due to power regulations being irregular. Being the only ship in the area able to respond we’re being diverted there at best speed. We’ve been authorized to exceed standard cruising velocities during this emergency. Our orders are to asses the stations needs and react accordingly, not much else is known at the current time. I want medical and engineering prepped for immediate beam over upon arrival as well as emergency teams to handle any evac with security. Science should begin scans of the region to see if anything could be causing these odd power regulations upon our arrival. Alright questions?” She asked.

Drudoc Andone CO

Simon listened to the briefing as the captain explained. “You mentioned they were near the Federation-Romulan border, is there any intelligence if the empire are active in that system?” he asked the captain as that was one thing to be concerend about, among other things. He also looked to see if there were any further questions.

Lieutenant Simon Starr, XO

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