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Posted May 24, 2020, 1:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Simon Starr (Executive Officer) (Ben Simons)

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With the orders given to the helm officer the Ark Angel departed Starbase 243 and went to warp on their way to their destination ETA 4 hours.

GM CockRoach

“Glad to see you’re still where I left you, Cadet,” Trainor called out to Truhart when he exited the Conference Room. The Operations Chief relieved the Lieutenant at Ops and took his spot.

Truhart watched as the Lieutenant left the station and made room for Lieutenant Commander Trainor to step through. “I’ve pretty much caught on to the everything he was doing, sir.” Cadet Truhart replied.

“What we’re going to do now is run a level 4 diagnostic on the ship’s various power systems,” Tenzing stated. The Lieutenant Commander pointed to the EPS power relays that showed up on the Op station HUD. While the Cadet wouldn’t normally be looking after the ship’s power relays, it was important that Jensen was familiar with those that affected the Helm.

“Now, as you know, a level 5 diagnostic is pretty automated meaning the ship’s computer can troubleshoot the targeted systems and see whether or not the system is functioning properly.” The Operations Chief explained. “That being said, a level 5 only scratches the surface and catches the major issues.”


“That makes sense.” Cadet Truhart replied, watching the Chief’s every move. “I’m assuming a level 4 diagnostic is more intrusive in the type of scans and troubleshooting?” Jensen asked. The Cadet made sure to mentally note how to access the power relay portion of the Operations Station, even though he wouldn’t normally be stationed there.

Cadet Truhart

“Exactly, Cadet,” Tenzing responded. The Operations Chief pulled up the EPS relay HUD once more and looked to see if any of the systems needed attention. “Let us hope we can find some busywork during our 4-hour trek.”


With time ticking down till their arrival the Ark Angel had an hour left till they arrived. Drudoc made an announcement =/\= Attention all departments make sure your junior officers are prepared for our mission ahead and briefed for action upon our arrival. Andone out..=/\= She said

Drudoc Andone CO

As the call came over, Simon was commanding on the bridge and nodded toward any staff that hadn’t already briefed their junior officers on the main mission. “ETA until arrival?” he asked the helms officer. “One hour, sir,” the helmsman replied as Simon nodded. He sat back and looked, as the jounrey there had been uneventful it gave him time to reflect on just how far he had come as they made their way to the starbase.

Lieutenant Commander Simon Starr, XO

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