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The feeling of the ship in combat that Trax felt was muted, there were minor shudders here and there, followed by the whine or soft thud of return fire by the Ark Angel. Not long after the feeling of evasive maneuvers, and more weapons fire by both sides. A quite striking blow sent the ship shuddering and jostling their footing some, but otherwise so far seemed ok, until…

=/\= NE Val in Sickbay 3, to Sickbay 1, we’re rerouting NE Bar’cal from engineering maintenance 3 to you guys for emergency surgery, they had a hull breach there and while he didn’t get sucked into the vacuum he got some bad plasma burns.. =/\= The medical NE said.

No sooner that the woman spoke when in came two engineering NE’s, one was the Romulan Bar’cal who had plasma burns down much of his left side of the body, and burned clothes half charred. The fact the man was walking was a testiment to his stamina, specks of green blood though seeped deeply from many deep cuts. The other engineer NE Baker laid the man down carefully on a nearby biobed. “..I need to get back to engineering, he’s in your hands now!” he said rushing out then without another word as the soft thumping of more impacts from combat were felt in the deck plating.

Biobed readings showed Bar’cal had lost quite a bit of blood, plasma burns were heavy on almost 3/4th of his left side of his body, and he had deep lacerations and other cuts along that quarter, the worst being along his left shoulder, face, and arm. His left eye alone it was clear was boiled away and would need to be replaced once he was stable by an artificial device. For now though stabilizing him and preventing him going into shock and stemming the loss of blood and getting a transfusion going would be the first top priorities.

Trax moved over and started to work on the new patient right away. He gave the patient a mild sedative to stay off the pain and help him be more comfortable. As he dealt with his shock symptoms. He made sure the gave him a light dose. He knew too much might make him go into a coma or die as he started cleaning the wounds and started repairs of the tissues using a dermal regenerator. He did enough so that he could place a blanket on him without the wound trying to stick to it. And to help with the shock symptoms and keep the patient warm till when it was safe for him to finish the work to heal the officer.

Trax’s efforts during this time were slowly successful in stemming the bleeding and stabilizing the Romulan engineer. His internal bleeding however, that was slowed but not stopped was still the most evident problem, that and his blood loss already that had happened would need to be replaced by transfusions in storage as already mentioned previously. Surgery too would need to be hastily prepped and gotten underway if there was to be any chance to save the man’s life.

Scans would show two points that would need operating, the 1st was smaller in nature, was along the man’s upper intestinal lining just below his stomach. The 2nd was more severe was the Romulans left lung along the lower right corner of it was punctured by a piece of shrapnel, in essences the man’s lower guts was drowning in his blood, and his lungs filling with it as well, even slowed now as it was from Trax’s medicine work.

GM CockRoach

He was hoping to have the CMO handle this but apparently, he or she is missing again “Nurse Hulahen Please prep the surgical suite #2 for this patient get me the proper blood for him. We will start after I scrub in quickly.” Trax said quickly. “At once doctor.” Nurse Hulahen commented quickly as she left to do what he was asked. As Trax moved to the scrub room and started to get ready as he changed into a Red surgical gown. Trax quietly prayed briefly for the Romulan officer as he finished and dried off his hands with a towel and tossed it into the hamper as he moved from the scrubbing area to the sterile field zone before entering into the Surgical bay. “Are we ready Nurse ?” Trax asked calmly as he moved towards the table where the Romulan officer was laying. “Yes, Doctor.” Nurse Hulahen commented quickly as she started the blood transfusion to the Romulan. “I see that the patient is already asleep and the blood was started.” As he tapped a few control as the sterile field hummed to life. as he started his procedure.” Lazer Scapel.” Trax commented quickly as Nurse Hulahen assisted and handed him the instrument.

Trax did his initial incision on the Romulan Officer. As he started on the left lung. fixing the damage where the bleeding was coming from. He used a clamp to hold the damage closed while he used a dermal regenerator to heal the damage without using old-fashioned sutures. As the area started to heal he remove the clamp as the wound was healing nicely and handed the clamp back to the nurse. “Sponge.” Trax asked for to clean the are back up so there would not be a change of infection or other issues. as he headed the bloody sponge back to the nurse. Trax went over to the intestine and started repairs to the area. “Clamp.” Trax ordered for the tool as nurse Hulahen handed the item to the doctor. The clamp heald the damage closed so that he could start the repair. As he asked for the regenerator to fix that issue and used a sponge to clean up the area which did not take too long as it did the lung. as he slowly worked his way out.

He checked around to make sure that all the bleeding was stopped on the interior of his body. “Tricorder.” Trax asked for from Nurse Hullihen as she handed it to him in the open position so the scans can be conducted smoothly without having too much of issues with trying to fold the unit open. “I am not seeing anything new. Trax looked over to the master display to confirm the vitals and making sure all was well. As he started to close up the patient as he then started to do repairs to his burns and other scraps and bruises. “Nurse Hulanhen Please give an additional unit of blood or two to the patient to help with recovery.” Trax asked the nurse with a small smile that was still behind his mask. After repairing the outer damage. He gave another once over with a tricorder to make sure they got everything. He took a visual scan of his outer body to make sure there was no other damage. He flipped the patient over to his belly to finish off the repairs on that side and then returned the man over on his back. “Please take our guest to recovery and let me know when he regains conscious. ” Trax asked the nurse to do. “Of Course Doctor.” Nurse Hulahen commented calmly to him. As trax went back into the sterile room and took a quick sonic shower. and got dressed back into a fresh pair of red surgical gown just in case of another bloody emergency so he would not mess up a uniform.

As he made his way back into the main part of sickbay. He let out a large sigh as he took a brief seat as he waited for others to start coming in.

Ensign Trax Suder - Jo Doctor

OOC: Fantastic post Trax, except for the comment at the start of it. Please keep your out of character observations out of in-character play. Apologies for my absence of late, I’m sure you’ll understand how RL gets in the way at times. I will be back on and posting tomorrow, its just a bit late now for me to finish of the posts here after doing a few other ships. But again, that was a pretty fantastic post.

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