Settling In - Again - Sharah's New Quarters

Posted Oct. 15, 2020, 6:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Sharah walks into her quarters on deck 27. Far away from everyone. It’s mostly quiet. Very few people are actually roomed down here, and for a JO it’s spacious. No roommate. Nice thing about being on a mythology class, everyone has plenty of room. She looks around, she’s exhausted. She’s ready for bed and hope that she sleeps. But the flashing on her computer screen stops her. Maybe it’s a letter? She turns on the screen but no such luck. No letters tonight. But usually they come in the morning before her shift starts. This however is a memo. Telling her to have her quarters packed for 1000 tomorrow morning. She’s getting new quarters. Sharah sighs. No sleep for her yet. She contemplates momentarily asking to stay here, but that feels too much like asking for special treatment because of her condition. So she confirms the move and then pulls the storage chest out of her closet and begins to fill it. It doesn’t take long. This time her plants don’t have to go into their stasis boxes. She packs the chest with everything she has and then places the plants on top. Then, two hours later she finally falls into bed exhausted.

Sharah had spent her last day in the arboretum that she would see in awhile. She’d finished her own personal flowerbed. She doubted many would understand it, but she didn’t care. Then she’d gone by her new office. It was so…blagh. But since she was now in charge she got to fix it any way she wanted. Her office. That sounded so strange. She walked up to her quarters. She was skipping dinner in the mess hall tonight. She didn’t feel like being around all those people. She still didn’t feel great after the previous night at the crew social event. Working in the arboretum had done a great deal for her and she’d spent some time with the ship’s counselor as well. But down time was essential. She’d have to make more of an effort to be seen around the ship, now that she was a department head. Be accessible and all that, but that didn’t mean she had to do it every day. And that down time was essential for her health. Last night had been a strong reminder for her.

She keyed the door panel, but nothing happened. She keyed the access code instead of the biometrics and still nothing. Sharah looked at the door. Oh how embarrassing. I’m on the wrong deck.... She’d gone back to deck 27. She didn’t live there anymore. She turned and walked back down the corridor and onto the turbolift. “Deck 4” The computer trilled and the lift took off, stopping several times to let several people on and off the lift, finally it stopped on deck 4. Sharah was so tired, she almost missed getting off. She looked around, it was slightly familiar. It took a moment and then she realized this was near shuttle bay 1 where she’d come aboard. Was that really only a month ago? She guessed it was. Okay now where was her quarters? She checked the layout on her PaDD. Okay that made sense, and wasn’t that nice. Guests quarters near the noisy shuttle bay. Department heads on the opposite side away from it. That was something anyway. Sharah moved down the corridor taking a left at the end away from the shuttle bay and then down another long corridor and to the right. 427. Almost all the way to the end. Only one more after hers. She didn’t even take the time to notice who was in which quarters. She palmed the control and stepped through and let the door close.

She blinked in the darkness, “Computer lights.” The lights came up and she looked around. This was HUGE. What was she going to do with all this space? “Whatever you want, Sharah. Welcome to responsibility. You get nice quarters. It makes up for the headaches.” She was talking to herself. There was her chest, but where were her plants? She spun around looking. Ah they’d been put near the couch. She picked up the small Bonsai tree, Hope, and placed it on the desk in the work area. The roses she moved over to the side of the couch so she wouldn’t trip on it. She opened the chest and sighed. Hadn’t she just done this? “Computer, play Vivaldi’s Winter.” The music began to play, “Computer increase the volume by 1 1/2” The volume increased and it was a little too loud, and that was the point. She began to empty the trunk, again. Clothes needed to be put away. Her PaDDs with all her personal research she put on the desk to take with her tomorrow. Her books got thrown lazily onto the shelves. She’d straighten them later.

Her chess set. She loved it. She set it down on her desk and set up the pieces. Then she sat down and pulled up all of the letters from the past month. Each one contained a chess move which she made on her board. After about an hour the board was reset. Why an hour? Because Sharah was being sentimental and was rereading everything in those letters as well. Sharah looked around the room. She was just too tired to do more. She picked up the pile of clothes and walked into the bedroom, and put them in a drawer. She went into the bathroom for a quick sonic shower and came back ready to flop onto the bed and stopped, looked back in the bathroom and laughed. “A hot tub.” She shook her head and returned to her trunk looking for the little machine that played delta waves for her. She got it out and returned to the bedroom. She turned the machine on and set it by the bed. “Computer turn off music and lights. Set alarm for 0700.” Sharah was out less than a minute later.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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