Trenton Park - Parkour (open to all)

Posted Oct. 23, 2020, 7:39 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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Sharah had gotten the full file for Trenton Park from Ashlyn. She couldn’t wait to see the whole thing, but today she was only running the beginning part of the program. She wasn’t nearly ready for the more complicated and advanced routes. The program loads into a black room, no lights around and the shuffling of a few people can be heard. The sound of an electric buzz slowly picks up and a neon blue trace lights up around the gathering of people. The bright contrasting light allowing those present to see the shadows and outlines of others. From the ring, two lines flow off into the distance, bringing up an ambient glow in the distance that brings a sprawling city into view. The city is too far away to reach but makes for a nice backdrop to the otherwise empty void. Another pair of traces, these a bright green, light up and form a field with shapes and simple platforms. The last thing to light up is a sign that designates this place as a ‘Beginners Field’.

The proposed Trenton Park had grown to a size and scope that the holodeck couldn’t handle without some upgrades. Plans and instructions for the upgrades were included with the program were available so it was simply a matter of time before someone with the skill for it would be able to run the more advanced program. Until then, Sharah would follow Ashlyn’s lead and use this version one to teach those interested that didn’t have the training or knowledge of parkour.

Sharah stepped into the warm up area. She was wearing the grey with neon blue accented body suite Ashlyn had sent to her all those months ago. She was also still wearing the light weight loose fitting cover up. Sharah, had modified the original coverup with a belt to cinch it up to keep it from snagging on the obstacles. She also had those weird toed shoes that Ashlyn had her wear as well.

The course, as always gave her some apprehension, but this course she had mastered, well okay not mastered, but was familiar with. As usual she had a med kit with her. She set it off to the side where she could get to it easily. Sharah looked around and grinned. Ashlyn had worked so hard on this program. She’d learned a lot about programming and that had helped with her information security work. Sharah reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of water to put where she could reach it easily. Sharah had also brought several more, to make sure anyone who might join her had water–Sharah, always the doctor.

She sat down on the floor and began a series of stretches to limber up. She ended by attempting a hand stand, that resulted in her managing a roll before she hit her head on the floor. She laughed at herself. “Yeah, still not there.” She walked over to the beginner course to wait. “Computer, begin music.” and after a short trill a low volume techno beat began. Sharah really didn’t like the music, but it helped her keep her rhythm as she ran the courses.
En. Fayth, Doctor
Trenton Park created by En. Ashlyn Trenton, Security, USS Europa

Sharah looked at the course laid out in the hallway type structure. It had been quite awhile since she had done any parkour. “Computer set for level 1.” There was a trilling beep and then the hallway layout changed. Sharah nodded, simple, good. Nothing too hard. She walked the hallway gauging the course. Something she had started doing after she’d hit her head so hard that one time on the circular course. Her short height made a difference for some of the obsticles. Ashlyn would tell her to stop checking her self and trust her body to move the way it was supposed to. ‘Well, Ashlyn, I’m here by myself. Who’s going to make sure I’m not hurt when I screw up royally?’ She thought to herself. She made her way back to the beginning of the hallway and to the starting square.

Sharah took off at a steady job for this one. She jumped a 1 foot tall narrow wall and once she landed on the other side she began a series of zig-zag jumps positioned on 45 degree inclines. She hoped from one to the other, on the final two she pushed off a little harder to stretch the jump to actually reach the last incline. She ran the next few steps, placed her left hand on a half wall, kicked off the floor and walked the side wall, landing on both feet on the other side. There were 2 more half wall vaults and then four inclines up and then down. A low over hang had her diving to a roll and coming out at the end of the hallway. She came out of the roll at a slow job and took several steps and then slowed to walk. She turned, out of habit to wait for Ashlyn or Joseph to run the course and remembered it was just her. She walked around to the beginning of the hallway and ran it several more times.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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