Tabris's first day in Main Engineering

Posted Oct. 23, 2020, 9:22 p.m. by Ensign Tabris Asam (Enginerring Officer) (Brian Richards)

The alarm went off now for the last time and Tabris thought, no, he was positive that it was getting annoyed with how many times the Ensign had hit the delay option. Rousing himself from his slumber the middle aged looking El-Aurian stretched, his 400 year old bones creaking and crackling as he stood. While his vision was blurry Tabris rubbed them a bit as he made his way to the sonic shower and said, “Computer? Please replicate me a hazlenut coffee at 58 degrees Celsius. Thank you.” While it was somewhat out of place these days, Tabris had always tried to be polite to whomever he was asking something of, real, cybernetic, or otherwise. After getting himself clean Tabris put his uniform on, his glasses, and sipped away at the coffee before realizing it was exactly 20 minutes after he thought it was. He nearly fell over as he jolted up from the table, gulped his coffee down and haphazardly tossed the cup on the table. He grabbed his vintage 2265 era PADD loaded with his transfer orders, certificates, and areas of expertise, as well as letter of recommendation and rushed out the door.

Entering main engineering was no easy feat as while Tabris would claim he studied the schematics over and over, he certainly would be lying and got himself mixed up twice while trying to get here. He looked down at his wrist, a 1971 Micky Mouse Timex watch strapped to his wrist. He had 30 seconds to be at the CE’s door and he barely let the doors open wide enough before his eyes darted around finding the door and bolting to it in the most dignified way a man with now 22 seconds to move could. He rang the chime, 4 seconds to spare as he wiped his brow with his sleeve as he stood at attention.

Ensign Tabris Asam, Eng

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