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Posted Oct. 23, 2020, 9:38 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) in side sim - After Bowling Night - Sharah’s Quarters


Sharah shook her head. She waved towards her bedroom. It was only a few feet away. She should make it before the meds took over. “Whenever you want, Hayley. I don’t need anything else.” Sharah was very upset with herself. “This won’t become a habit,” she mumbled rubbing at her temples. To herself or Hayley she wasn’t sure. She was ready to sleep though.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Alright,” Hayley replied, administering the dose of medication. “I will check in with you late tomorrow morning, ok?” Hayley stood and left Sharah’s quarters, heading back to Sickbay to check in before retiring for the night herself.

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

As soon as Heyley was out of the room Sharah made her way to the bedroom, moving slowly, the sedative already working quickly. She climbed into bed, hugging a pillow to her, trying to breathe slowly. She fell under the influence of the medicine. Her dreams were scary and confused:
she looked at him, clearly confused, “you aren’t there.” No…he had to be…He’d done it! What ever he was thinking was very focused, she’d found it, but why hadn’t she....Her vision went fuzzy. She tried to breathe but…she was begin to hyperventilate. She was going to burn out. ‘Help’

“You’re the doctor here, tell me what to do,” Joseph requested.

Sharah’s head fell to the side, the meds working, her mind was still totally chaotic, but at least she was physically relaxed.

As her head slumped, Joseph put his hand underneath it and lifted her up into a position where he could cradle her upper body, ‘stay with me doc’ he thought.

‘What’s wrong? What happened?’ where last night her voice, though slow to form was clear and her thoughts focused. Today she was erratic and instead of slow to form from the sedative she had to fight for each thought.

‘You scared us’, he replied, ‘You had what I can only describe as a complete mental breakdown, your dam completely broke open.’

Sharah woke with a start as the sedative began to wear off. She looks around disoriented a moment, convinced she’s back in sickbay on Challenger. She breathes deeply for a moment. ‘No I’m on Ark Angel. The parasite is gone, I’m not sick. Dr. Mika got rid of it.’ Sharah lays back down succumbing to the last of the sedative and this time her dreams are calm and peaceful:
Sharah’s in a large kitchen cooking French toast, but it’s not breakfast time. It’s for a late dinner for two. The kitchen is large, with room for lots of people. She knows if she looks out the window she’ll see the surf of the gulf running up the sand and crawling under the pier reaching out into the clear black glass of the ocean. The moon shines down on the water, the light seeming to run from the horizon to the shore. From somewhere in the house she can hear the whispers of children, and then the deep soothing sound of a male voice that makes her smile. She flips the bread knowing that in just a few moments, Joseph will come down the stairs, the children finally asleep.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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