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Mazi jumped as the panel fell and came around to see what had happened. Like her Chief, she was cautious. Despite the location having no pressurization or atmosphere when in space, that didn’t mean ‘something’ wasn’t inside. “See anything, Chief?”

Just then a voice popped up on the far side near the bay doors. “Over here!” she called for the Engineer who was looking at the panel’s original location. Turning back to Miz’uki, Mazi shook her head. “There is no name on the shuttle anywhere. I’m going to use the tricorder to see if there is any trace of it being removed. Paint thickness differences, decal residue, etc.” As she started to step back, though waiting to see if she was still needed here, she frowned. Why was there no name on the shuttle? Not aware it also wasn’t in the data banks, she was only mildly concerned.

Mazi Engineer

NLt Gorm from the control room listened to some of the things said down below, he decided on his own to check the ship registery logs to see what the shuttle below was indeed assigned to the Montezuma or anywhere else for that matter.

NLt Gorm

The scans showed no change to the shuttle’s body, save for some minor chemical residues, however they were not unusual, often found if the shuttle flew through a nebula or similar area.

GMT Capybara

Mazi frowned, whispering absently to herself as she ran her hand over the surface of the shuttle to be sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. “Why wouldn’t it be named? That makes no sense…” she hummed absently as she continued to make a full round of the ship, eventually ending up back at the entrance to the small craft.

Mazi Engineer

Some how or another, Fayth was the only science officer available at the moment. Where was the rest of the science department? She was also the highest ranking at the moment. As an ensign that didn’t say much, but she guessed the rest of the on duty crew were enlisted. She took a science kit with her and headed down to the shuttle bay to see what she could do to help. As she entered she listened to all the different observations going on from security and engineering. She walked over Mazi and Miz’uki. “I can take some samples and run the chemical makeups. We might be able to figure out what path the shuttle actually took. Matching up the chemical residues on the hull with phenomena in space in this area.” If Sharah remembered her basic science classes from the Academy. She could track where an animal or person had been by the pollen and soil traces left. The concept should transfer to a shuttle traveling through space.

Fayth took samples of the chemical residues. Then she took samples from the ionic damage to the shuttle. She might be able to determine the specific type of ionic damage and maybe how much time had passed since the damage had been done. That would give them a time and location for direction in finding where the shuttle came from. Last she took samples of the pock marks around the door to determine what might have causes that type of damage to the shuttle. She also took pictures and measured the size and depth of the marks. (OOC: I took this from what was posted early on the type of damage. If I missed anything or got it wrong please let me know)
En Fayth, Science

Meanwhile Miz’uki went and started studying the computer system of the shuttle trying to reconstruct what might have been corrupted


While the others looked for why and where, Mazi decided to work on how. She ran a basic diagnostic and went to work on the damage that the shuttle had sustained. Working from the outside, in, she started with the individual panels and hull integrity issues on the outside. Making sure each panel was secure from the ice and debris of space as well as the seams of the craft, itself. She paid particular attention to every panel that ‘could’ be opened to be sure nothing was inside. Something wasn’t right, and the last thing she wanted, was to find out they had let something explosive on the ship. She scanned each panel carefully before opening them. Each time she did, her antennae lay back on her head as if trying to bow away from any unsuspecting debris that would come flying towards her.

Mazi Engineer

“What are you thinking about all this Mazi?” Miz’uki asked from where she sat at the shuttles computer console trying to call up the back up files and resotre anything that might have been corrupted or been purposefully deleted


The panels came up relatively clean–except for some sort of residue on one of the walls. It was commonly found on some things Engineering worked on, and because of this, could’ve simply been a residual effect from the one engineer in the group–Izzin. It was in the shape of a partial handprint–he’d just gotten done with some sort of engineering project apparently.

GMT Capybara

The Shuttlebay doors opened and Watley entered the room. ith everyone preoccupied with their own assignments and his security team handling the visitors, Watley found himself at a loss for usefulness. He had decided it best to help with any sort of investigation that was taking place. “What have we got?” he asked, addressing the engineers before him.

Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

Just as Watley was waiting for an update the Captain’s voice chirped on his comm badge. =/\= Andone to Lieutenant Watley =/\= She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Mazi had made her way full circle around the shuttle and come to Miz’uki as the woman spoke to her. “I don’t know. I can’t understand why there is absolutely no trace of a name or identity on the shuttle. It’s not even like it was painted over. It simply wasn’t there. Anything of interest in the logs?” She nodded to the inside of the shuttle.


Watley raised an eyebrow. =^= Watley here =^= He responded.

Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

=/\= Lieutenant, evidence has come to light that paints a security concern on our rescued guests. I want you to post a security team outside sickbay 1 where they are to be in isolation shortly undergoing ‘tests’ for a ‘disease’ they brought aboard. If they attempt to leave without my permission you are authorized to stun and detain them in the ship’s holding cells. Alert your teams though not to go into sickbay 1 unless called we don’t yet want to tip our hand if there is a problem brewing here =/\= She said

Drudoc Andone CO

Mazi heard the exchange and frowned. She was liking this less and less. “Why would they need a ruse to keep them isolated?” She mused half out loud. “I’d just tell them they are under guard till their story checks out.”

She would have been a lousy security officer sometimes, she thought. She was no good at things like subtlety and subterfuge. She would have been sadly blunt and just locked them in a cell.

Mazi Engineer

Watley looked over at the engineer with a gleam in the old man’s eye. “To tell you the truth, that would be exactly I would handle it.” Watley shook his head, “being subtle was not something I was ever very good at.” =^= Understood Captain=^= He replied. He winked at Mazi and headed for the shuttlebay doors. “Keep up the good work Engineer” He called over his shoulder as he stepped out of the room.
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OOC Well GM What’s Miz’uki finding in the computer I did specify she is going through the shuttles logs and computer systems

Nothing as of yet” she said growling usually she was far better with a shuttles computer systems than this


Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

Miz’uki would find a cleverly-deleted file titled that could be restored, but would need some time to do so. It appeared to be downloaded from the Montezuma just before launch and then deleted in transit.

GMT Capybara

Riley strode down the corridor, PADD in hand. Slow down, the shuttle bay isn’t going anywhere, he chided himself, but didn’t break stride. He did pause as the bay doors opened, though, before entering. The engineering team were all doing various tasks in and around the shuttle. She spotted the head of a Caitian through the shuttle window. That must be the chief. He approached the shuttle door.

“Lieutenant Mizuki?” He extended his hand. “I’m Ensign Riley, with the science department.” He held up his PADD. “I have some readings I’d like an engineer’s input on.” He looked around at the engineering crew in the bay. “Do you have someone whose brain I could pick?”

  • Ensign Riley, Science Brain Picker

Tabris popped himself out from underneath the shuttle and went to sit up, but having gauged his distance a little poorly he wacked his head on the bulkhead with the sound resonating throughout the bay only dulled by the various crates and people absorbing the sound. He scooted himself a little further and sat up, his glasses a little askew as he rubbed his forehead. That would leave a bump. Reminded him of the time he got a gash on his forehead when he was diving into some Orion ruins with an Andorian, a Talaxian, and a particularly jovial Gorn, but that’s a story for another time. He stood up and said, “I could take a crack at it boss”

Ensign Tabris Asam, Eng

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