Settling In - Again - Sharah's New Quarters

Posted Oct. 24, 2020, 1:34 p.m. by Ensign Tabris Asam (Engineering Officer) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Settling In - Again - Sharah’s New Quarters

Posted by Ensign Tabris Asam (Engineering Officer) in Settling In - Again - Sharah’s New Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Settling In - Again - Sharah’s New Quarters
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The next several days were mostly a blur. Sharah wasn’t sure if she was coming, going, sleeping, or sleep walking. And the insane amount of work had kept her focused and too tired to be overwhelmed. She wasn’t quite into a new routine, yet. She had spent several days just working in the science suite until she’d been told she was supposed to be on the bridge for part of her duty shift. She’d found that part of her day rather boring. She sat at the main science station and monitored what all the labs were doing from there. And with nothing of interest going on at the moment, there was nothing to report. But it had given her a unique view of how all the different parts of the ship worked as a whole. So far her schedule consisted of a morning meeting in the science labs and then straight to the bridge for that meeting and a couple hours of bride duty before she returned to the labs to work.

It had been a week since she’d moved into her new quarters. She entered and looked around. She hated the color, and the the size. It was so big and she had no idea what to do with it all. She sat down at her desk and turned on the terminal. She hoped there would be a letter from Ashlyn. She’d gotten Joseph’s that morning and new she wouldn’t hear from him again before the next morning. But she hadn’t heard from Ashlyn in weeks. She missed her friend, and the weight of being the cause of her erratic behavior weighed on her. Sharah knew it wasn’t her fault and it was Ashlyn’s responsibility to deal with her own feelings, but Sharah felt like she was breaking her promise to be there for her. Sharah shook her head, and for the moment letting go of her worry for Ashlyn. There wasn’t anything she could do at the moment.

Searching through the computer logs she went searching for ideas of what to do with the amount of space and found a list of things that were pre-approved. Sharah was astounded by the amount of things that they were allowed to do. Actually she shouldn’t be that surprised. Her and Ashlyn’s quarters on Europa had been transformed into a mock up of a jefferies tube junction paired with a parkour course. She and Ashlyn actually barely walked the floor except to walk into the room. Sharah considered briefly creating that set up again. It had been a fun configuration and would allow Sharah to keep in practice instead of having to claim holodeck time for herself, alone. But she quickly let that idea go. It wasn’t the same as sharing it with Ashlyn, and really Sharah had no business climbing to random spots high in the room without someone there in case she got distracted.

Sharah decided the first thing she wanted was to change the drab beige/grey of the walls. She knew what she would prefer, but wood wasn’t an option on a star ship so she choose a pale yellow for the main room. And then holo-projectors for all the windows. She could program them to present different scenes. She could even upload her own for them to display. She also choose to add a small kitchen space to the room. And then an extra display screen for her desk. That way when she was working she could reference multiple databases at the same time and compare them. She was sure there were other things she might want to change, but she’d look at more options later. She sent a request to engineering asking for someone to come help her, whenever there was time. She didn’t expect anything quickly, and so she figured she had time to figure everything else out.

She still had things she could unpack, but if she was changing it all she didn’t see a need to do so. She did however take one picture out of the chest and carry it with her into her room. “Computer dim lights to 48% and play the sound file from Rainns Gulf Beach program.” The lights dimmed and the sounds of waves breaking over the beach filled the room. The wind could be heard blowing strongly as the waves rhythmically crashed over and over again. Sharah sat, lotus style on the floor, the picture propped against the wall. She relaxed into the seated position and focused on the picture in front of her: a detailed pencil sketch of an ocean in the midst of a storm, a small boat set adrift upon the crashing waves, the right side filled by the image of an implacable lighthouse guiding the boat back to a calmer sea and stable rocky coast line. Using it to clear her mind and calm the ocean of noise that was her constant companion.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris was walking into his morning meeting for the day, an NLT Jefferson finished the huddle and handed out the duty assignments for the day. Tabris was far beyond the point in his life when he got uppity for being ordered around by those younger than him. Besides a Q, not many beings outlived El-Aurians and, should he survive his tenure in Starfleet, he might be doing something vastly different in 150 years or so. He took the pad and spun it around in his left hand, tossing it in the air a few times before catching it to look at what he was doing today. Although he had caught it upside down and he adjusted his glasses a little before flipping it over, hoping no one saw him looking a tad foolish.

“Lets see.” Tabris said to himself as he hummed a little toon, a habit he picked up from his mother centuries past as he said, “Ok first thing is degauss the EPS conduits on deck 13, scrub down the replicator transfer array in the mess hall, head to Lt. Fayth’s quarters to redecorate.” Tabris paused there for a second, “Ok that’s different” He said to himself as he made his way to grab his equipment. As he approached deck 13 he was talking NE Sparr’s ear off about how you had to degauss something called a ‘Cathode Ray Television’ and that the process was fundamentally the same as what they were doing but on a far smaller scale. He then went into detail about the exact method of how the device worked, what it was used for, and about 16 other related topics. Now NE Sparr looked like he would rather degauss Tabris in a rathe forceful way to get him to stop talking… but alas there were too many witnesses.

Finishing that he headed alone to the mess hall, to much relief from the NE where he worked on getting everything as shiny as he could! Turns out you can modify the degaussing equipment to send a shortwave magnetic pulse that will resonate the liner of the catch tray and make it easier to clean. Now how he was going to explain that he may or may not have made that modification permeant was a problem for the future .

He had one more task, and for that he made his way to the Lt.’s quarters. On the way he got lost at least 3 times, cursed slightly under his breath on how all these bloody quarters decks look the same and arrived at his last duty assignment exactly 23 minutes after he intended to. He rang the chime and waited.

Ensign Tabris Asam, ENG

Less than a minute later, Sharah was moving down the corridor juggling several PaDDs in her hands and looking rather frazzled. She came to an abrupt stop at the sight of an officer in engineering yellow outside her door. She looked momentarily confused. She was used to finding science officers outside her door, but engineering? “I’m sorry Ensign, have you been waiting long?” And then it clicked, “Oh! are you here about the redesign? No one told me you would be coming today. I am so sorry.” She palmed the door control and stepped back letting the ensign enter first. “I’m sorry if I kept you waiting.” She stepped in behind the ensign. The quarters were larger than even the ensigns own spacious quarters. “Everything is so big on a mythology class.” Sharah had actually considered requesting to make the space smaller but figured that just created wasted space, well it was still going to be wasted. “I have no idea how this is done, so tell me what you need to know.” She tossed the PaDDs on the desk. The quarters were sparse and the only personal touches were two plants. A rather large, relatively, bonsai tree, and then a pot of yellow and red roses.

Then suddenly she seems to remember herself. “Oh I’m sorry. Jr Lt Fayth. Would you like anything to drink Ensign?”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris followed the Lt. in and smiled, and blinked through the glass as he said, “No no Lieutenant, I had only just arrived.” Holding out a hand he said, “Tabris Asam, pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Fayth.” Tabris pleasantly stood at attention, having been alive long enough to know the level of decorum that was expected. “Thank you for the offer, are you familiar with the ancient Earth beverage Tab? It’s quite a treat if you are adventurous.” Noticing the plants Tabris lit up and said, “Oh those are fantastic specimens, tell me, what style do you prefer for your bonsai tree? I was always a fan of Shari myself.” Tabris said as he stopped himself. “I’m sorry, yes I’m here to help you with the redesign. What sort of look are you wanting? Anything goes as long as I don’t have to move EPS conduits.”

Ensign Tabris Asam, ENG

Sharah shook his hand. “It’s a pleasure En Asam. And please at ease, or whatever it is I’m supposed to say.” She walked over to the replicator and requested a Tab. She wasn’t sure it would be in the system, but it was and she carried the drink over to him along with a glass of water for herself. It was too late in the day for her to have caffeine or any other stimulants. “This is a Cherry Blossom Bonsai. It was given to me by my uncle, Oliver, when I was 10. I guess you could say I’m partial to it, but really I love them all. I don’t think I could pick just one if I had to. Oliver, was very good at creating beautiful Shari. It’s a technique I’ve never been able to master myself. Her name is Hope, and she’s gone with me everywhere since I was 10.” Sharah picks up a PaDD that has a couple of pictures on it. “I was told once, ‘Go home to somewhere you like, somewhere where you love being alive.’ And since Ark Angel is a deep space vessel and we’ll be here for quite awhile, I thought I would try to make this place look like home. I’m sure it will take more credits than I have, but a little at a time, right?” The photos on the PaDD are of the inside of a small wood cabin. The main room has a kitchen, desk area, and living space. Just like standard quarters, but with a more rustic asthetic than standard Star Fleet quarters. The asthetic extends into the bedroom area as well. “I’d love to get those holographic immiters that go into the view ports to change the view.”
Lt.jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris took a sip and immediately knew that wasn’t the soda he had grown up with, but he just resolved to programming it into the replicators next time he had a chance to. He smiled as he listened, listening was always a thing that the El-Aurian people were known for, his demeanor was that of an old friend, “Tell me more about Oliver, he sounds like he was important to you” Tabris found himself saying as he pulled out a 5X8 top spiral bound notebook from his pocket and a 1.3 mm mechanical pencil to start jotting down notes, his snoopy watch prominent on his wrist as he says, “I like that, ‘Go home to somewhere you like, somewhere where you love being alive’. I think too often we are full of the race, to get the job done, to get to the next mission, to find out our next duty assignment. But at the end of the day you need to enjoy your space.” Tabris said while writing down the notes of rustic cabin chic, the paneld wood the rustic furniture, the holo emitters, all of that.

Sharah thinks. “Well I he was the botanist on board the Galileo when I was on my way to visit Vulcan with my family. He taught me everything I know about plants and their medicinal uses. Honestly in those few short month with him I learned more about botany than I ever did at the Academy. Before he was a science officer he was a fight wing pilot in the Dominion war. And he taught at the University Of Tartu on Earth and even did some guest lecturing at the Academy. His last posting was on the Atlantis. I’m not sure where he is now. He does that sometimes. He moves on to the next thing in his life and sometimes he gets so wrapped up in his work he forgets about the rest of us for awhile.”

“He sounds like he was an excellent teacher. We’re lucky to have someone who learned under his excellent tutelage. I can easily relate to that sort of life, never staying in one place and feeling the itch to move on and start anew. It’s never easy for the families and friends of those that wander, but their stories can sometimes make up for it as I’m sure you well know.” Tabris said, almost reflecting on his own life a little there as he spoke quietly and softly.

Closing his notebook after finishing his notes he took a slow walk around the room, adjusted his glasses a little further up his nose as they had slipped down just a tad, and said. “Don’t you worry about the credits Lieutenant, we’re on a deep space mission and making sure you’re able to perform at your best is key. Now lets talk your color pallet shall we?” Tabris said as he pulled some color swatches from the back of his notebook.

Ensign Tabris Asam, Eng

“Color pallet?” Sharah hadn’t thought about color choices, not really, other than a pale yellow for the walls if the wood cabin idea didn’t pan out. “Nothing bright, more subdued. I prefer earth tones to anything else. Do you have any suggestions?” She took her water and sat down at the table and offered the ensign a seat across from her.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Tabris slapped his forehead softly as he said, “Shoot I thought I brought my bag with me. Here, take a look at these and see if anything appeals to you while I replicate something.” Getting up Tabris handed the Lieutenant the 4 swatches he had on him, a few old earth style paint chips ranging from yellows to browns to some pastels. “Computer, would you please replicate item Tabris-1163? Thank you”. As he approached the replicator the swirling energy and matter coalesced into two items. One was a Pantone FHIC200 interior color book the other a ring bound copy of his old standard The Surface Texture Book. He brought them over and said, “You know I haven’t done interior design professionally since I got out of the business back in 2027 so most of what I know is a few hundred years out of date, but the log cabin look was ‘in’ back then so let’s go over some ideas” Tabris opened both books to some swatches and texture samples that he thought would work well.

Ensign Tabris Asam, Eng

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