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Posted Oct. 24, 2020, 6 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Once Marhsall had replied Drudoc spoke again in the same tone. =/\= You are right Lieutenant, it would seem Tel’eck and some others came down with a particular case of Terran Greek root worm flu, she’s fine for now though I’ll probably bring her by later for a check up with you. From talking to her she and her friends were near the shuttlebay when our guests arrive before they became sick. I’d like you to give our guests full medical work ups, and pysch evaluations. From what I understand of the flu it can cause not only physical sickness but mental instabilities too. My concern is our guests may have brought it aboard without knowing. If needed isolate them to avoid further contamination.=/\= She said, keeping up with the ruse just in case any other words might be overheard.

Drudoc Andone CO

=/\=Of course Captain=/\= Hayley stepped into her office. “Computer - close doors and secure this room” She then responded to the Captain again. =/\= We have privacy now so you may speak freely Captain=/\= From her knowledge such a thing as Terran Greek Root worm flu did not exist so she assumed the Captain had something up her sleeve. She also sent a quick private note to Drs Suder, Xi’indra, and NE Dr Morgan’s Padds relaying the order for full medicals and psych eval’s on their “guests” and to isolate them for “Terran Greek Root Worm Flu” Until such a time as she had more information.

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

”..We suspect our guests may not be who they appear, or at least their reasons are unsound given their story. I want every test you can think of to delay their journey about the ship any further. Include the counselor if needed, hence my ‘disease’ cover. If needed get security to detain them, but try not to tip our hand that we suspect anything..” Drudoc replied.

Drudoc Andone CO

Trax heard a beep from his pad he always used as he pulled it out of his pocket as he saw the notice as he tapped the message to open it. He quietly read it quickly before quickly replying to the captain. =^= Aye sir! Understood sir!=^= Trax typed quickly into his pad and sent it back to the captain As he finished off his evails of the crew in his care.

Ensign Trax Suder - Jo Doctor

Hayley stepped back out into the Sickbay, making quick eye contact with each of the Physicians in turn. “If I may have everyone’s attention for a moment?” She waited until all eyes were on her before speaking further. “It appears we may have an outbreak of Terran Greek Worm Root Flu onboard.” She looked toward Codem and his crew. “Since you are the latest to board the ship it appears one of you may have inadvertently brought it aboard. So far we only have one symptomatic case and she is being appropriately isolated and treated in her quarters. This sickbay is now on Isolation precautions. Non essential sickbay staff will be transported to their quarters where they will self isolate until they can be cleared. Those among the ship who have been in close contact with our visitors will do the same. You and your crew will have to remain in isolation room one in the meantime. Our first priority will be to decontaminate this Sickbay and test and clear it’s essential staff. Once that is done we will clear the Senior and essential staff that have been in contact with you as well as the rest of my sickbay staff and anyone else who has had to isolate. Unfortunately this could take some time. Fortunately the Iso rooms are quite large and comfortable. You will be well provided for and taken care of. If you would follow me?” Hayley led the way to Iso room one and ushered the group toward the door.

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Peter stood up, having been finished with Trax. “Excuser me, I’m a doctor. I’ve never heard of this disease, and none of us showed it on our physicals here or on the Montezuma, so what makes you think we were the ones who brought it on board?” He wasn’t going to make assumptions to this being a fake disease–many times it’s a new discovery, but none of them had been sick before leaving the Montezuma, so he was on guard.

S’Dan nodded, “it’s highly illogical for it to have been us to bring this disease on board, and I’m sure the *Monstezuma would have informed Starfleet by now if the crew was infected by a bizarre unknown illness.”

GMT Capybar

Hayley nodded to S’Dan, “I did not say that you had it or that you brought it on board. I simply noted that the first clinical case occurred after your arrival. As there were no active cases prior to your arrival it actually is quite logical to assume it may have come on board with your party or with something carried by your party. I am taking the necessary precautionary actions to determine if this is so and to mitigate the effects if it is. We will also be checking other ways it may have come on board. I am simply requesting that you remain in isolation until we are able to do so. This Flu is similar in some ways to Tuberculosis - Prior to becoming symptomatic it can be encapsulated for a short time in the lung tissue requiring much more specific testing then a simple scan. It will take some time to do all the required testing, even will all my staff working on it.” Hayley gestured toward the iso room once again. “You may, of course, make use of the comm system to stay in communication with the Captain for now.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall, CMO

Codem hopped down off the biobed, nodding for Alera to do the some. “As Mr Rivers said, none of us had anything flagged on our physicals just now, and surely this would’ve been detected prior to leaving the Montezuma? I’m not saying this can’t be some new disease, but there’s no cause to hold us when you can’t, to quote my friend S’Dan, logically prove we brought it aboard. It could’ve been brought by anyone, and just been undetected until now.” If they got Isolated, then it was likely things would start unravelling quickly, so he was trying his best tactics to get this reversed, before other methods were required.

GMT Capybara

“As CMO of this ship my primary concern is the health and safety of all those on board.” Hayley replied with a steely note to her voice and a serious expression. “ ‘Logical proof’ will take some time to obtain. Every possible source of this outbreak, yourselves included, will be contained until proven clear. I MAY consider prioritizing your tests somewhat, but not ahead of the medical staff. Are we clear?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

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