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Soval had reserved one of the ‘pick nick’ areas of the Arboretum for this meeting and had gone so far as to have the ship’s stewards prepare a pick nick basket and drinks. This would be uncomfortable for the Chief scientist and he wanted to do all he could to minimize it.

He arrived early and began a series of meditations to reinforce his barriers and to quiet his mind. The truth be told he was ill at ease being exposed to two telepaths and the ship’s Counselor at one meeting.

LC Soval

Sharah was working in the arboretum that day. She’d spent the whole last week in the labs and there were projects here that needed her attention. She spent the morning meeting with the various civilian botanist and then that afternoon she’d be working with the Andorian Ice Beatle Lily. She was going to have to get in touch with engineering and see about upgrading the cage it was in. It had grown significantly since it had been placed inside and it was bigger and stronger than it had been and the glass was beginning to show signs of strain.

She was tending to one of the tropical flower beds, trying to save the other Chameleon Rose that Trax had brought on board. It had been doing okay until the the irrigation system got clogged and it wasn’t getting the water it needed. It was a beautiful plant but it did require a lot of attention. She and Kayla, the head civilian botanist, had decided to transplant it temporarily into a pot until they could get the irrigation system working again. It was during this that Sharah became aware of LC Soval entering the arboretum, and with a resigned sigh she moved to the back of the arboretum to close some of the containers of materials she had been working with and then joined him at the table. “Hello LC.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Mr. Fayth, Thank you for agreeing to this meeting. Might I ask if the mental barriers I have erected help or worsen your discomfort?” Gesturing to the basket and accompanying carafes,” There are refreshments.”
LC Soval

Fayth was uneasy about this meeting. She really had no idea why the XO was so insistant on pursuing this. She didn’t know anything about him, except that he was exceptionaly aware of the emotional state of those around him, and that was beyond unusual for a Vulcan. Or at least for the Vulcans she had ever been around. She choose water from his choice of refreshments. Despite the desire to pace or go burry her hands in the dirt of a flower bed she sat down opposite him and considered his question. “Well, Sir, that’s a complicated question with an even more complicated answer.” She sipped the water for a moment trying to get a feel for the ‘noise’ around her. “Your barriers are very different from other Vulcans I’ve encountered. They are more like a defensive shield rather than offensive projections to force people away.” She wasn’t sure how much the XO had read about her file, and she wasn’t sure how much of that typical Vulcan pride he had. She choose her words, honestly, but carefully. “Your conscious thoughts are very well guarded.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“Thank you but my concern is that I cause you pain. It is ignoble to cause pain to another, not to mention we can not work efficiently together if I am causing you pain. It is my hope we can find a workable solution.”

LC Soval

Sharah was never one to really be able to hide what she was feeling or thinking, but that didn’t mean she just blurted it out. She wondered briefly where xi’Indrai & Suder were. Suder of course had noticed her difficulty in filtering out the noise and had offered to teacher her. Which had been sweet, but it wasn’t that Sharah didn’t know how to do it, but the amount of input was more than what those techniques could control. Suder of course would have a basic understanding of her condition because he too was Betazoid. xi’Indrai had been a breath of fresh air when she’d spoken to her a week ago. But no new information had been found or techniques to use. “Honestly Lt Cmdr. don’t worry about the pain I’m in. It is a constant in my life. I have learned, for the most part, to work through it. You caught me at a bad moment the other night.” It was all in her file so there was no reason not to tell him. “Are you familiar with the Betazoid condition of over-sensitive telepathy?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Trax was asked to join the meeting and do what he needed to help. He finally made it where they were. “Excuse me I Hope I am not late.” Trax asked softly. as he waited for a reply from someone.

Ensign Trax Suder - Jo Doctor

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