Deck 13 - Checking in with Da Boss

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 10:30 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Ensign Claude Seguin Genard (Science Officer) in Deck 13 - Checking in with Da Boss

Ensign Genard finally found time in his initial schedule to check in with his supervisor. He knew he had a duty shift coming and wanted to get a feel for the the Chief Science Officer he would be working with. All he knew was she was a Lieutenant Fayth, and that she was a Betazoid.

Walking the corridors of Deck 13 it didn’t take much to notice the entrance to the main science area. Large expanse of rooms, separated with many work stations and various machines. ‘Remember, Claude. Whatever you do don’t embarrass yourself. As a Betazoid she can read minds so keep things light.”

Entering the main doorway he looked around and saw the a second story that seemed to hold offices. He would start there first. He found a floating staircase and ran his hand along the handrail just to ensure he didn’t trip. Upon arriving he noticed a person coming out of one of the offices.

“Excuse me, Can you tell me where I can Find Lieutenant Fayth?”
- Ens. Genard

Sharah looked up and smiled, “You’ve found her. What can I do for you?” She took in the science blue uniform and turned back around and headed into her office. “
“I am one of the new Officers assigned to your section. Ensign Claude Genard.”

“Come in Ensign, have a seat.”

“Thank you Lieutenant. I believe with the size of the Ark Angel, I will be on my feet quite a bit.” He added with a smile. Looking around the office he quickly found a seat across from her desk and sat. Eyes scanned the room making note of several things, but her main console attracted most of his attention.

Her office was all glass panels allowing her to see the entirety of the science labs, but also allow anyone else to see into the office and make her more accessible. The office was rectangular in shape following the outer curve of the hull. The right side of the office was a minute science lab where it appeared Lt Fayth was working on some personal project. Her desk was to the left side. There was a large monitor that listed all the labs and the progress of whatever project was going on. It was updated by each person in the department as they worked. It also, more importantly, it showed the safety status of each lab. Directly in front of the door was a large window and in front of that window as a flower bed at an early stage of growth, the seedlings currently unidentifiable unless you knew what to look for. “Would you care for a drink Ensign?”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

“Actually I would. The replicator in my quarters has yet to be activated.” he added, “Coffee, black with creamer.”
Sharah ordered the coffee and brought it to him and then took a seat, turning her chair away from the desk to face him.

When Lieutenant Fayth turned to hand him his drink he stood, and remained standing until she took a seat. “Seems you will always know what I’m doing with a display like that. I came from a smaller assignment before this, mainly working independently. We were doing some cultural research on a pre-warp society in the Mutara Sector.”

Ens. Genard.

Sharah glanced back at the display. “A left over of my predecessor, but it has its usefulness. What I like about it is that it monitors the safety and security systems of the labs. We cover two decks here and three more across the ship. Ark Angel is huge and getting to each lab to everyday is a daunting task. This display is actually available to every science officer. You can pull it up on your screen at anytime. As for the status of your work that is optional unless it’s ship’s business. I’m told that some of the hold over officers like it to help them coordinate with other labs.” She took a sip of her water. “I have no desire to manage your individual projects. There is plenty of time for that, and I encourage you to do so. So tell me Claude, what is your area of focus?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“I appreciate that…” Claude hesitated a moment of two before he continued. He let his response end that way due to the nature of his next question. “How do you wish to be addressed? Lieutenant?..Miss?..Ma’am?..Mister?”

“Any of the above is fine, Ens. Though I prefer not to be called mister, our new XO calls everyone mister so I’m learning to answer to that as well.”

“I have worked in several assignments, and they have all used variations of the names and title. I also came up thought the enlisted ranks, so I have a different experience than the typical Academy graduate.”

“Nothing wrong with being enlisted. Sometimes our enlisted officers are more experienced and knowledgeable than those of us who attended the academy. When I was in medical, before I transferred to science, some of the best doctors and nurses I worked with were enlisted. They were certainly more able to adapt and adjust on the fly better than academy graduates.” Sharah, was suddenly very grateful for her ‘gift.’ When others judged based on rank and commission vs enlisted status her empathy allowed her to recognize the skills of each person based on themselves rather than on inconsequential things like rank. “How are you adjusting to being a commissioned officer now, En Genard?” She asked because she remembered her uncle telling her about what it was like making the transition. He was too sure of himself for it to bother him, but he had told her that several people that moved up with him, those that were already commissioned and those that stayed enlisted, had problems with it. She wanted to make sure Genard wasn’t experiencing the same problems.

“Also, while I like to think of myself as a generalist, my focus so far has been on cultural analysis.”
- Ens. Genard.

Sharah nodded, “Well then, would you prefer to work in the general science labs, planetary sciences, or perhaps exobiology? General sciences will allow you to delve into lots of different areas, including cultural analysis, archeology, paleontology, and similar areas. As well as many others.”
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

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