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Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 11:31 a.m. by Ensign Matthew Riley (Science Officer) (Nathan Miller)


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OOC Well GM What’s Miz’uki finding in the computer I did specify she is going through the shuttles logs and computer systems

Nothing as of yet” she said growling usually she was far better with a shuttles computer systems than this


Lt. Jg. Maxwell Watley- COS

Miz’uki would find a cleverly-deleted file titled that could be restored, but would need some time to do so. It appeared to be downloaded from the Montezuma just before launch and then deleted in transit.

GMT Capybara

Riley strode down the corridor, PADD in hand. Slow down, the shuttle bay isn’t going anywhere, he chided himself, but didn’t break stride. He did pause as the bay doors opened, though, before entering. The engineering team were all doing various tasks in and around the shuttle. She spotted the head of a Caitian through the shuttle window. That must be the chief. He approached the shuttle door.

“Lieutenant Mizuki?” He extended his hand. “I’m Ensign Riley, with the science department.” He held up his PADD. “I have some readings I’d like an engineer’s input on.” He looked around at the engineering crew in the bay. “Do you have someone whose brain I could pick?”

  • Ensign Riley, Science Brain Picker

Tabris popped himself out from underneath the shuttle and went to sit up, but having gauged his distance a little poorly he wacked his head on the bulkhead with the sound resonating throughout the bay only dulled by the various crates and people absorbing the sound. He scooted himself a little further and sat up, his glasses a little askew as he rubbed his forehead. That would leave a bump. Reminded him of the time he got a gash on his forehead when he was diving into some Orion ruins with an Andorian, a Talaxian, and a particularly jovial Gorn, but that’s a story for another time. He stood up and said, “I could take a crack at it boss”

Ensign Tabris Asam, Eng

Riley stepped back, eyes wide as the engineer scooted out from beneath the shuttle. He glanced at Miz’uki before extending his hand to the new engineer. “Matthew Riley,” he said, offering a smile.

He gestured away from the shuttle to give the other crew more space to do their work, and extended the PADD as they walked. “So, I have two questions,” he began, flipping the stylus in his right hand. “First, I need some help on what might cause certain energy levels and emissions from a ship.”

They arrived at a work surface near the bay wall, where repairs were often done. He flipped the stylus again and then pointed it at the energy readings from the Montezuma. “We’ve monitored an energy spike from the Montezuma, immediately followed by what looks like a cloak effect nearby.” He played the visual disturbance for the engineer.

“At the same time,” he continued quickly, toggling the PADD to another view, “we see tachyon emissions from the ship.” He spun the stylus in his hand again and then flipped it in the air, before turning to face the engineer.

“What could cause these emissions? Do you think they’re purposeful, or the side effect of something else? How might they relate to the visual disturbance - are they causing the cloaking effect, or could they be trying to end it?”

He paused, and felt the effects of a serotonin dump hit him. He dropped his hands to his sides, lowering his eyes. “Sorry, that was a lot. Let’s try again.” He looked back up. “What could cause these emissions?”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

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