Coming Aboard

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 12:15 p.m. by Ensign Matthew Riley (Science Officer) (Nathan Miller)

Posted by Ensign Claude Seguin Genard (Science Officer) in Coming Aboard

Posted by Ensign Matthew Riley (Science Officer) in Coming Aboard

Posted by Ensign Claude Seguin Genard (Science Officer) in Coming Aboard


“I believe I will be as well.” Claude replied, happy to have found a kindred soul. at least for now. “I enjoy reading as well. I’m currently re-reading a series that have had some very popular holo-series based off of it. Pre-WWIII Old Western crimefighting.”

He continued to put away more of the clothes in his duffel, this time civilian clothes which he carefully unfolded and put on hangers. “I’m hoping that I can find some of these inspired holo-series in the holodeck archives.”

  • Ens. Genard.

Riley’s grin faltered the slightest bit at the mention of the holo-series, before he slipped it back into place. “I’ll have to read those, I’m always up for some crime fighting. Holo-series aren’t really my thing, though.”

He fiddled with the stylus for a moment before picking up his PADD. “With the entertainment options available, I wouldn’t doubt they’re in the library, though. They have a rec room with bowling alley, pool tables - heck, they have a pool on board.”

He tapped the PADD a few times. “That reminds me,” he muttered. “I need to see if I can schedule some time in the gymnasium.” He paused, staring at the wall as he flipped the stylus. “I wonder if there are any classes being held there…” He began swiping and tapping on the PADD, completely focused on the device.

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Claude finished hanging up his clothes as Riley checked out the gymnasium offerings. Not a major fan of the gym, he went only when necessary. Now swimming would be something he could get into. Growing up on the Richelieu River had forced him to learn to swim at an early age, and water related activities was something hjs father had stressed while growing up.

“I believe I will need to check out that pool myself. I have fond memories of swimming as a child.” Claude replied, “I have not had a chance to get into the water for several years.”
- Ens. Genard.

No reservations needed for the track, or the treadmills, that’s good. Mok’Bara classes every other day, 1600 hours. Anbo-jutsu on opposite days, same time. Hmm. Should I offer to do taichi classes? I haven’t taught in a while; heck, I’m actually out of practice. Sifu Cheng would urge me to do it, though. After I get my own practice in. No, in order to get my own practice in. No reservations needed for the pool, either. Pool. Pool? Pool!

Riley looked up at Claude after several long seconds of staring at the PADD. “Um. Sorry, zoned out. Uh, the pool? Yeah, I should get some swimming in. We had one in the neighborhood when I was growing up. I was a freaking fish,” he laughed. “I learned to swim before I could fully hold my head out of the water, so I always swam under the water.” His eyes unfocused, living in the memories for a moment. “Man, I haven’t thought about that for years.”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

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